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Trump Era Title 42 Policy Is Just A Reminder That Trump Had The Border In Control

  • The only way we can win in 2024 is to have the guts and courage to win. We have to have the guts to say it, we have to have the courage to do it and be bold enough to do it. 
  • As we all know there is a cri­sis at the bor­der. Over 2 years ago Kamala was going to cen­tral amer­i­ca to solve the prob­lems that caused them to rush to the bor­der. When MSM they say Title 42 they say a Trump Era Pol­i­cy. It is a reminder they have had that long to fig­ure some­thing out and do some­thing. Give you more rea­son to think, wait a minute… Trump had some­thing work­ing at the bor­der. He had the south­ern bor­der the most secure with the least amount of cross­ings. 80,000 migrants amassed in Guatemala head­ing to the US for Title 42 end. Rep Tony Gon­za­les: Source tells me thou­sands of migrants try­ing to cross the Guatemalan bor­der head­ing to the US. The Pres­i­dent of Guatemala is frus­trat­ed with the lack of sup­port from the Biden admin­is­tra­tion. Hop­ping on the phone with the Pres­i­dent of Guatemala to dis­cuss more. The Biden admin­is­tra­tion won’t even get on the phone with the Ari­zona Sen­a­tor or tell the gov­er­nor what to expect. 
  • This entire oper­a­tion is a sad joke. Bor­der patrol union tears into DHS for telling migrants and smug­glers where and when it’ll con­duct tar­get­ed enforce­ment two days before Title 42 expires. Texas has deployed their own Texas Tac­ti­cal Bor­der Force as migrants wait to storm the bor­der once Title 42 ends. The Texas Nation­al Guard is ready­ing Black Hawk heli­copters and C‑130s as they brace for an inva­sion along the south­ern bor­der. El Paso says 15K are wait­ing to enter once Title 42 ends. El Paso has declared a state of emer­gency. Abbott has deployed 10K Nation­al Guard mem­bers. 13K ille­gals are enter­ing the US every­day and this num­ber is expect­ed to increase. The Com­man­der in Chief has failed to pro­tect our country. 
  • Yet Biden is wor­ried about the writer’s strike. 

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