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Pride Month is Recruitment Month

  • You don’t think that all hell isn’t break­ing loose in the streets. They are putting on a show for the chil­dren. Chil­dren are watch­ing. They are ask­ing your chil­dren to step up and get involved. This is all across Amer­i­ca. Cor­po­ra­tions and sports teams are chang­ing their logos all across the country. 
  • What is hap­pen­ing in San Fran­cis­co is an SNL skit in the 70s. WE played the video that in June all hell would break loose. Groom­ing kids. 
  • This is God’s promise they are step­ping on. it ‘s like when they stepped on the Amer­i­can flag. 
  • Pride month is recruit­ment month. They are recruit­ing chil­dren. They are recruit­ing and glo­ri­fy­ing it. 

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