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The State of the 2024 GOP Race

  • The State of the 2024 GOP Race 
  • Ron is going after Trump pret­ty harsh­ly. There is a game being played and all arrows going after Trump. Why do they have to go after him>? Does he know too much? Will a sec­ond term total­ly destroy the deep state? Will final­ly see Seth Rich’s lap­top. Who killed kennedy. Will that dream come true that some­one will final­ly go to jail? 
  • Ron is in Iowa try­ing to teach him how to con­nect one on one with vot­ers. There is only so much mon­ey and so many groups and so many deals to be made. Who is in on the deal. Mike Pence? Pence doesn’t have grand illu­sions. Pence didn’t have the illu­sion that he will be the next Reagan. 
  • Mike Pence to announce 2024 run next week. “His reck­less words endan­gered my fam­i­ly and every­one at the Capi­tol that day, and I know his­to­ry will hold Don­ald Trump accountable.”
  • It is being said that the J6 video from the cap­i­tal is going to be released now. What are they try­ing to smooth over now?> it is going to be released to a lim­it­ed num­ber of news orga­ni­za­tions. Every­one should be able to get the footage from the capi­tol. All of a sud­den going to use that to smooth things over. 
  • So Chris Christie and Mike Pence are not under grand illusions. 
  • Nik­ki Haley is going to check the box­es off for the VP spot. 
  • Tim Scott doesn’t have grand illu­sions. He is a nice guy. He is still check­ing off the box­es for VP. 
  • Vivek is check­ing the box­es for the VP and doesn’t have grand illu­sions. He knows that he can come from the bil­lion­aire busi­ness class to get the pres­i­den­cy but not from obscu­ri­ty. For the most part a small per­cent knew this guy before 3 months ago. His major mis­take is Kathy Bar­nette in PA. She is bad news in PA. She is the major play­er in why Dr. Oz is not the Sen­a­tor in PA. We will see how that plays out with Kathy Barnette. 
  • Lar­ry Elder, don’t know what he is going to do? 
  • Mike Pence and Chris Christie don’t have grand illu­sions. But they are in the DeSan­tis group, Karl Rove. Ron DeSan­tis is work­ing in Iowa. Trump lost Iowa in the first pri­ma­ry. Chris Christie thinks he has pulled in NH and he will flame throw against Trump in NH. Before pol­i­tics Trump helped Chris get elect­ed in NJ. Remem­ber Chris Christie want­ed to be the AG under Trump. Then there was the Access Hol­ly­wood tape, Steve Ban­non on the cam­paign at the time, there was dis­cus­sion that we should get out of the race. Chris Christie did not get on the plane. And he hates Don­ald Trump. Bri­an Kemp is not run­ning but he is involved. 
  • Asa is not rolling the dice for VP. 
  • Sununu and Youngkin are not going to get in but they will be useful. 
  • They will all try to come togeth­er to stop Trump in the first 4 primaries. 
  • They gave the 12 o’clock hour, Rush’s hour to Erick Erick­son, “losers invit­ing losers’ com­ment on Kari Lake replac­ing Mike Pence at Vic­to­ry dinner. 
  • Fri­day night the del­e­gates have a vic­to­ry din­ner. They remem­ber the del­e­gates boo­ing Bri­an Kemp. They don’t want any­thing released that Mike Pence gets booed. 

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