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OPINION: Their Schemes Are Scams. We Can Sit Idle No Longer.


Sub­mit­ted by George McClellan 

Is it pos­si­ble that Amer­i­cans, and I mean those Amer­i­cans not cor­rupt­ed by “Woke” ide­ol­o­gy or who sit idly on the side­lines refus­ing to believe any real­i­ties pre­sent­ed out­side the main stream media about how America’s Pro­gres­sive Marx­ists have been destroy­ing Amer­i­ca, are start­ing to stir a bit? Is real­iz­ing the severe dan­gers we face by ignor­ing the awful pos­si­bil­i­ty that Amer­i­ca’s God giv­en free­doms, when gone, will nev­er be restored. Sit­ting idle is not the answer to stop the com­ing dis­as­ter Oba­ma promised us when he said he would “fun­da­men­tal­ly change Amer­i­ca,” then set about doing it. When Don­ald Trump came along to throw a mon­key wrench into their sin­is­ter plot, the self-defense machin­ery of tyran­ni­cal deep state despo­tism went into high gear to stop the threat to their plans for total con­trol and a New World Order with­out a med­dle­some Amer­i­ca screw­ing up the works. In doing so they revealed themselves. 

Under Trump we expe­ri­enced low-infla­tion, reduced tax­a­tion, increased tax rev­enues, near full employ­ment, ener­gy self suf­fi­cien­cy, an expand­ing mid­dle class, sol­id for­eign rela­tions and a strong mil­i­tary, all the ele­ments the Left can’t abide. If they are to cre­ate their social­ist utopia, Trump must be deposed. Since then Obama’s scheme to bring Amer­i­ca to its knees appears to be suc­ceed­ing. In Biden’s awful two years, the most pros­per­ous nation on earth is fac­ing unchal­lenged high vio­lent crime rates in Blue cities and states, unsus­tain­able rates of pover­ty and ille­gal immi­gra­tion, high drug death rates and Woke polit­i­cal the­o­ries tear­ing fam­i­lies and com­mu­ni­ties apart while inex­plic­a­bly, cit­i­zen appear to be vot­ing for more. This is insane and peo­ple are wak­ing up to it or, is it already too late? 

Their scam to defund police agen­cies across Amer­i­ca, start­ed under the man­u­fac­tured pre­text of fear of police bru­tal­i­ty against one minor­i­ty race. Even in the face of ris­ing anar­chy imposed upon the cit­i­zens by BLM and Antifa mobs in Blue juris­dic­tions, the scheme has exposed their entire pur­pose was to cre­ate such a fear­ful sit­u­a­tion that Amer­i­cans would call for a fed­er­al super police state to “save us.” It hasn’t worked because now the cit­i­zens have seen the Dev­il up close and are reject­ing his mes­sage. Instead, nobody trusts the Dept. of Jus­tice or the FBI. The IRS and ATF have been com­pro­mised and turned into addi­tion­al arms of gov­ern­ment oppres­sion to threat­en cit­i­zens who com­plain into com­pli­ance to their dic­tates. Their wob­bly schemes of civ­il destruc­tion is to force us into accept­ing the per­vert­ed sick­ness of trans­gen­derism, to believe that it is the “states” busi­ness to raise our chil­dren and turn them into will­ing tar­gets for child moles­ters, to accept the reverse racism of DEI and CRT that dic­tates that White Euro­pean cul­ture is sys­tem­i­cal­ly evil and respon­si­bil­i­ty for all of America’s prob­lems, the only solu­tion being to exchange White lead­ers with black ones. One needs only look at the lead­er­ship of failed Blue cities to under­stand the com­ing dan­gers. Of course, they con­stant­ly tell us Cap­i­tal­ism is the real evil that keeps peo­ple chained to their mis­er­able exis­tence, and its only their ver­sion of social­ism that can cor­rect it. Karl Marx said so! 

This insane Left­ist attacks on Trump and the Amer­i­can mid­dle class, and that means prop­er­ty own­ers and small busi­ness, is because of the ris­ing threat to the Left­’s breath­less new reli­gion of envi­ron­men­tal­ism to save the plan­et. After wit­ness­ing burn­ing rivers and pol­lut­ing smoke­stack indus­tries, peo­ple agreed they need­ed clean air and clean water. Fair enough! But the Left per­vert­ed that sim­ple cause into a jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for end­ing Amer­i­can pros­per­i­ty by  intro­duc­ing social­ism. Sci­en­tists seek­ing research grants were bribed by cash to alter their data to con­form to the cor­rupt gov­ern­ments agen­da by giv­ing “sci­en­tif­ic” evi­dence the bureau­crats could use to restrict Amer­i­ca’s free­dom and growth by impos­ing admin­is­tra­tive restraints. The envi­ron­men­tal wor­shipers, singly focused on bring­ing down our indus­tri­al com­merce cre­at­ed pan­ic start­ing with des­per­ate claims of glob­al cool­ing, then glob­al warm­ing and now cli­mate change as Amer­i­ca’s great­est threats. “We are pol­lut­ing every­thing” they cried, but they offer no solu­tions to the issues. It is their job instead, to defray com­mon skep­ti­cism by show­ing they’re doing some­thing use­ful like enter­ing into agree­ments and pro­to­cols to suck mon­ey from our cof­fers to enrich our sav­iors.  Poor coun­tries will stay poor and pol­lut­ed. The Left  is try­ing to encour­age us to pur­chase expen­sive EV’s to save our envi­ron­ment. They cling to the false god of afford­able renew­able ener­gy that is nei­ther clean, effi­cient or afford­able, over fos­sil fuels that are. Ignored in the dis­cus­sion over our future ener­gy needs and the costs of pro­duc­ing that ener­gy, are the sin­gu­lar facts that reveal the entire “Green Ener­gy” scheme is a scam not to be dis­cussed because the “Sci­ence is set­tled.” But here are some facts that fly in the face of afford­able Green Energy: 

First, it requires fos­sil fuel ener­gy to run the machines that mine, pro­duce, use and dis­pose of the tox­ic ele­ments in the new Lithi­um bat­ter­ies than will ever be saved. A bat­tery for an elec­tric car is expen­sive because it requires twen­ty-five pounds of lithi­um, six­ty pounds of nick­el, forty-four pounds of man­ganese, thir­ty pounds of cobalt, two hun­dred pounds of cop­per, four hun­dred pounds of alu­minum, steel, plas­tic, and on and on, all pro­duced by fos­sil fuels. Remem­ber, bat­ter­ies do not make ener­gy, they only store it. The min­er­als required to be processed into a bat­tery that aver­ages 750–1,000 pounds in weight, must first be mined. So, add in the costs of the min­ers salaries, health care, food, hous­ing and insur­ance, the pur­chas­ing, oper­at­ing and main­te­nance costs of the machin­ery to dig and haul the min­er­als need­ed, and we have already far exceed­ed the cost to ratio val­ue of even con­sid­er­ing EV’s.

Most elec­tric­i­ty, over 90% in fact, is gen­er­at­ed by fos­sil and/or nuclear fuels with an insignif­i­cant bit from wind and solar. That’s the truth, about green ener­gy. It will not save us from our­selves because it’s a scam. We had bet­ter start learn­ing the true facts about what the Left is forc­ing us to accept for the future instead of what the main stream media feeds us with it’s lies, ignored facts and hypocrisy. It’s not a con­spir­a­cy the­o­ry any­more. Believe it, they are out to get us. 

Remem­ber, free­dom is the goal, the Con­sti­tu­tion is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (22Jun23)


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