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GA Representative Ditches The Democrats; Joe Biden Cannot Win

  • Democ­rats lost a rep yes­ter­day from down­town Atlanta. Mesha Main­or joins the GOP after say­ing she faced harass­ment and intim­i­da­tion from Democ­rats since she broke with the par­ty on votes for pri­vate school vouch­ers and pros­e­cu­tor over­sight. Main­or, who rep­re­sents a west­side Atlanta dis­trict where over 89% of vot­ers backed Demo­c­rat Joe Biden in the 2020 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion, said she changed par­ties because Democ­rats don’t reflect her core val­ues. Man­ior is the only Black Repub­li­can mem­ber of the leg­is­la­ture and is believed to be the first Black woman to serve as a repub­li­can in the GA Gen­er­al Assem­bly in state his­to­ry. “Mem­bers of the Demo­c­rat Par­ty have pub­licly slan­dered me in every way imag­in­able,” Main­or said dur­ing a press con­fer­ence at the GA Capi­tol. “If it’s not your val­ues to sup­port kids in schools where only 3% can read, I don’t have the same values.” 
  • Rep Mesha Man­ior: …today I made the deci­sion to leave the Demo­c­rat Par­ty. I rep­re­sent a blue dis­trict in the city of Atlanta so this wasn’t a polit­i­cal deci­sion for me. It was a MORAL one. I will NEVER apol­o­gize for being a black woman with a mind of my own. 
  • This is proof of every­thing we have said that Repub­li­cans have the mes­sage, even in the bluest districts. 
  • Rep Mesha Man­ior: I didn’t leave the Demo­c­rat Par­ty. The Demo­c­rat Par­ty left ME when it embraced left-wing rad­i­cal­ism, law­less­ness, and put the inter­ests of ille­gal aliens over the inter­est of Americans. 
  • Joe Biden can­not win. He doesn’t have the sup­port of the black vote in amer­i­ca. He doesn’t have the sup­port of the moth­ers in america. 
  • Now repub­li­cans need to go into the 56th dis­trict and win with the mes­sage. Repub­li­cans tend to screw these things up. 
  • Biden can­not win. Sleepy Joe! Biden, 80, skips din­ner with NATO lead­ers and goes straight to his hotel after brag­ging to Turkey’s Erdo­gan that he will win White House again in 2024. Biden, who has only been in Europe since Sun­day night, had Sec­re­tary of State Antony Blinken attend the din­ner instead. 
  • They are try­ing to make Joe Biden a for­eign pol­i­cy expert. And that he has nav­i­gat­ed us through trou­bling waters with Rus­sia and chi­na. Biden is to meet with Zelen­sky. Zelen­sky is angry because NATO doesn’t have a time­line for Ukriane’s entry. 
  • Sure about that Joe? Biden slammed over cam­paign ads brag­ging ‘I’ll always answer a call from my grand­chil­dren’ after dis­own­ing grand­daugh­ter. CNN joins condemnation. 
  • Joe Biden: I’ve had a rule my entire life: No mat­ter what’s hap­pen­ing, no mat­ter how impor­tant the meet­ing, I’ll always answer a call from my grandchildren. 
  • This is it. Joe has to go. He has upset peo­ple. Navy Joan gets none of the perks of hav­ing a pres­i­dent for a grand­fa­ther, nor the round-the-clock secret ser­vice pro­tec­tion enjoyed by the rest of the Biden fam­i­ly. Biden’s recent crit­ics include CNN anchor Dana Bash, who called the sit­u­a­tion: ‘Sad and dis­turb­ing on so many levels’
  • Democ­rats all across this coun­try, this is what will fin­ish Joe Biden off. He claims he talks to all six, you have 7 Mr. Pres­i­dent. You can talk about Buris­ma, Hunter smok­ing crack, 

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