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Paper Ballot Movement Getting Stronger In GA

  • GA repub­li­can coun­ties lawyer up for 2024. We have to be pre­pared to push back on the board of elec­tions and be ready with a legal doc­u­ment if nec­es­sary. And push back on the board of com­mis­sions. The tax­pay­ers pay for the elec­tions and they need to know you’re engaged. 
  • We are not going to have a coun­try if we don’t GO
  • This is going to be a long process and it is going to be hard. 
  • Paul­ing Co is going to count before cer­ti­fy­ing. In Spauld­ing Co, one of the board mem­bers made a motion to do a full hand count of the paper receipts of the votes. If there is a dis­crep­an­cy they have agreed not to cer­ti­fy. It goes to Supe­ri­or Court. They are talk­ing about count­ing at the precincts but the law talks about a cen­tral­ized count­ing loca­tion and that gets into the chain of cus­tody. This is exact­ly what Pick­ens coun­ty went to court to do in the 2022 pri­ma­ry. This is a great step in the right direction. 
  • Our right to vote is the only thing that mat­ters right now and if we don’t secure our elec­tions our free­doms are done. 

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