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According to Deep State Media Not A Shred of Evidence Joe’s Involvement

  • Rep Dan Gold­man mocked the claim Joe Biden talked about the weath­er with Hunter’s busi­ness partners. 
  • This is the world you live in today. If you break the law you call a police offi­cer. The Gov of IL, Pritzk­er, allows non-cit­i­zens to become police offi­cers with new law. 
  • REp Dan Gold­man: would be rude for Joe Biden not to speak with Hunter Biden’s busi­ness part­ners. Hunter wasn’t pro­mot­ing his dad as the brand, just the Biden name and Hunter’s expe­ri­ence. The Biden inves­ti­ga­tion needs to end now. It’s bad­ger­ing a pri­vate cit­i­zen. The brand is Joe Biden. 
  • DC Draino: “And there it is. Devon Archer has tes­ti­fied under oath that Buris­ma pres­sured Hunter and Joe to shut down Vik­tor Shokin, the Ukrain­ian pros­e­cu­tor inves­ti­gat­ing Buris­ma. And Joe used a $1 bil­lion loan from US tax dol­lars as lever­age to do so. 
  • Chad Per­gram: “In Decem­ber 2015, Myko­la Zlochevsky, the own­er of Buris­ma, and Vadym Pozhars­ki, an exec­u­tive of Buris­ma, placed con­stant pres­sure on Hunter Biden to get help from DC regard­ing the Ukrain­ian pros­e­cu­tor, Vik­tor Shokin. Shokin was inves­ti­gat­ing Buris­ma for corruption. 
  • Archer under oath said Buris­ma pres­sured Hunter and Joe got Shokin fired. 
  • It’s an illu­sion, none of this happened. 
  • DC Draino: “Now we know why the DOJ didn’t want Devon Archer tes­ti­fy­ing to Con­gress. They knew Hunter was tak­ing in mil­lions in bribes. They knew he was coor­di­nat­ing with Joe. They nev­er pros­e­cut­ed any of it because it was a “remove Trump at all costs” oper­a­tion. The DOJ has dis­graced itself. Devon Archer con­firms Joe Biden was on more than 20 calls with Hunter. The 20 phone con­ver­sa­tions Archer referred to were direct­ly about busi­ness deals. Joe Biden said he was nev­er involved with Hutner’s busi­ness deals/bribes. Only ques­tion now is where’d they stash the $$?
  • Devon Archer tes­ti­fied Joe Biden met with Moscow mayor’s wife in George­town, who wired $3.5M to Hunter and then Joe Biden kept her off the sanc­tions list. KJP refused to say why Biden didn’t sanc­tion Russ­ian bil­lion­aire Ele­na Batu­ri­na, nor if Biden met with her at a George­town restau­rant in 2015 while he was VP. Today, Hunter’s for­mer busi­ness part­ner tes­ti­fied that the meet­ing did in fact hap­pen. It wasn’t an illu­sion and they did not get sanctioned. 

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