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Dems Ticket To Not Run Joe Biden For Second Term

  • The Biden’s paid mon­ey so the lit­tle girl Navy couldn’t use the Biden name. The acknowl­edg­ment of the sev­enth grand­daugh­ter would be a big­ger prob­lem for Joe for some voters. 
  • I have sev­en grand­kids. Biden acknowl­edges Hunter’s four year old daugh­ter on cam­era for the first time and says she’s too young to speak on the phone. 
  • Joe is using his grand­chil­dren as a phone call defense for Hunter. They knew Devon Archer would talk about the phone calls. So he uses his grand­kids as a pawn. He feels that he has 4 or 5 that he calls or texts everyday. 
  • They are work­ing Joe out of the pic­ture. He can’t sit down in an inter­view and make a cor­rec­tion. He can’t make course corrections. 
  • Biden needs black vot­ers in GA. They’re feel­ing pret­ty luke­warm. Black vot­ers are not enthu­si­as­tic for a sec­ond Biden term. 17% of black Amer­i­cans are enthu­si­as­tic for the sec­ond Biden term. They were not enthu­si­as­tic for the first term. Remem­ber James Clyburn got the set up in South Car­oli­na. As Biden runs again, black vot­ers’ frus­tra­tion bub­bles. Democ­rats failed to inspire black vot­ers in 2022. Can they up their game in time for 2024? Black vot­ers are not sit­ting home wait­ing for Jerome Pow­ell to make a deci­sion. They know the elec­tric bill. 
  • Why Biden’s team soured on Dems elec­tion lawyer. Clin­ton gen­er­al coun­sel Marc Elias has long car­ried more bag­gage than Amtrak from the Russ­ian col­lu­sion claims to ger­ry­man­der­ing efforts. In April, the DNC dropped Elias. Now the Biden cam­paign has also done so. The president’s team split with lawyer Marc Elias because of dis­agree­ments with Elias’ legal strate­gies and frus­tra­tions with his conduct. 

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