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The Great Illusion of the Deep State

  • Hunter Biden sold “illu­sion of access” to his father, for­mer busi­ness part­ner, Devon Archer, tells con­gress. They have to defend Hunter on behalf of Joe. Or are they con­cerned that a guy like Don­ald Trump gets in office and digs deep­er. So you have to won­der if they are pro­tect­ing Hunter for Joe or to pro­tect Oba­ma, Susan Rice, Valerie Jar­od, Jake Sul­li­van, Mer­rick Garland. 
  • Joe has lived his whole life in the cor­rup­tion of the Deep State as a Sen­a­tor, a Vice Pres­i­dent, and now as the inau­gu­rat­ed President. 
  • Dan Gold­man is the Adam Schiff to the Trump admin­is­tra­tion. Adam Schiff has lost credibility. 
  • The net­works have already fig­ured out how to run cov­er on the illu­sion. Joe got on the phone with Hunter 20 times, it’s per­son­al time because he loves his kids. Joe loves the fam­i­ly so much that he nev­er ques­tioned to ensure they filed the cor­rect paper­work or ques­tion their dealings. 

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