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Misinformation and its Effects


Sub­mit­ted by George McClellan

The polit­i­cal ambi­tions of the Demo­c­rat Par­ty is all that mat­ters. Noth­ing else mat­ters, just the Par­ty! As we are wit­ness­ing with the rev­e­la­tions of the here-to-fore hid­den videos of the 06 Jan­u­ary protests at the US Cap­i­tal, the event was orches­trat­ed by Democ­rats. The Par­ty has enveloped itself in a body­guard of lies. Expo­sure has ren­dered their entire process a total sham by the lead­er­ship of the dark Deep State. Amer­i­ca is tru­ly in the hands of frauds and crim­i­nals. What makes the sit­u­a­tion even worse is that the Democ­rats man­aged to elim­i­nate the one pro Amer­i­can Pres­i­dent who appealed to the greater instincts of the Amer­i­can peo­ple, and replace him with a squad of total incom­pe­tent nin­com­poops, liars, cheats and thieves. We can now author­i­ta­tive­ly add Repub­li­cans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to that dis­tin­guished list of nincompoops.

Demo­c­rat pro­pa­gan­da swarms us in all forms, print, broad­cast and cen­sor­ship and what is so mind bog­gling is the Democ­rats and the media still thinks the pub­lic believes them. When we refuse to accept, the Lefts dic­tates then they unleash their fury as we have seen with the rouge FBI turned loosed on par­ents com­plain­ing about Woke school boards and the smash and grab arrests in the dark of night to seize inno­cent cit­i­zens who demon­strate a Chris­t­ian atti­tude against the mur­der­ing of babies. Attacks being planned for the Supreme Court Jus­tices who vot­ed out Roe v Wade was called for by a Com­mie Revenge Action Group of nut­ters called Jane’s Revenge. They post­ed a man­i­festo: “What­ev­er form your fury takes, the first step is feel­ing it. The next step is car­ry­ing that anger out into the world and express­ing it phys­i­cal­ly. Con­sid­er this your call to action. Mary Mar­gart Olo­han of The Dai­ly Wire also tweet­ed that “Ruth Sent Us” is the group that pub­lished a map of the Supreme Court Jus­tices homes and encour­aged pro­tes­tors to go to them. Also post­ed con­tent like this: ‘We’ll be burn­ing the Eucharist to show our dis­gust for the abuse Catholic Church­es have con­doned for centuries.”

On the night the final rul­ing is issued, a spe­cif­ic date we can­not yet pre­dict, but we know is arriv­ing immi­nent­ly, we are ask­ing for coura­geous hearts to come out after dark. Who­ev­er you are and wher­ev­er you are, we are ask­ing for you to do what you can to make your anger known.” Ruth Sent Us is just anoth­er one of the unhinged left­ist domes­tic ter­ror­ist groups.

The Left tells us that speech (from con­ser­v­a­tives) is vio­lence, but actu­al vio­lence is jus­ti­fied so long as it’s in pur­suit of their polit­i­cal goals and we had all bet­ter agree. Are we wit­ness­ing a turn­ing point with the arrest of 32 black clad Antifa domes­tic ter­ror­ists in Atlanta yes­ter­day? It depends on what the Ful­ton Coun­ty DA does to those arrest­ed includ­ing a South­ern Pover­ty Law Cen­ter lawyer, also clad in Antifa’s black uni­form who led the vio­lent assault on the Police and Fire Acad­e­my con­struc­tion site. Why weren’t they ren­dered DRT? 

What we are expe­ri­enc­ing is the 60-year out­growth of left­ists being con­di­tioned to believe that they must be intol­er­ant toward the “intol­er­ant” (us) and that includes every­one that dis­agrees with them. The main­stream media have ignored, indeed even con­doned and par­tic­i­pat­ed in this behav­ior. The assas­si­na­tion attempt against Jus­tice Kavanaugh bare­ly made the news. Gath­er­ings out­side the homes of con­ser­v­a­tive jus­tices were even encour­aged by the White House yet a Chris­t­ian man, pray­ing in front of an abor­tion clin­ic was hauled off to jail by the FBI even after his Coun­ty refused to pros­e­cute him. That is the com­ing tyran­ny we will soon all expe­ri­ence unless we stop it now. 

The Left cheered activists out­side of Morton’s Steak­house protest­ed when Jus­tice Kavanaugh was din­ing with his fam­i­ly. Anoth­er exam­ple of mis­in­for­ma­tion and dis­in­for­ma­tion is the mind numbed crea­tures that make up “The View,” a crew of star­tling incom­pe­tent left­wing female gen­dered ding­bats who attack every­thing con­ser­v­a­tive and suc­ceed only when they out shout or scream over com­pet­ing ideas. The prob­lem for us is, the Left is orga­nized and have the pow­er of law enforce­ment behind them and we don’t. We must change that ASAP!

Remem­ber, free­dom is the goal, the Con­sti­tu­tion is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (07Mar23)

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