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Lori talks about patriotism, PPLoan fraud, Biden administration and more


Teach patri­o­tism, the his­to­ry of how we were born, grown, and look at our accom­plish­ments. Very impor­tant to teach our chil­dren. The num­ber of Amer­i­cans that feel patri­ot­ic. As long as we believe in each oth­er, our coun­try and the con­sti­tu­tion. There is always hope. 

The pres­i­dent announced that he will send mon­ey to the Palate­ni­ans. Where is this mon­ey com­ing from? We have mon­ey going to Ukraine. This pres­i­dent was sup­posed to go over and talk about oil pro­duc­tion, not send­ing tax pay­ers mon­ey to oth­er countries. 

Two cas­es in GA of fraud with the Pay­check Pro­tec­tion Loans. Decalb coun­ty may­or will get 5 year prison time for tak­ing $925K from the coun­ty’s funds. He has been ordered to pay back $120K. The oth­er case was a woman who start­ed sev­er­al fake small busi­ness­es for $2M in Pay­check Pro­tec­tion Loans. Add that to the deficit and the bur­den on the taxpayer 

10 year old girl from Ohio and ran with the sto­ry to push the abor­tion and how the girl had to cross state lines to get the abor­tion. Not to men­tion it was an ille­gal immi­grant that was list­ed as a minor on his papers when he crossed the bor­der. How this Ille­gal raped the lit­tle girl sev­er­al times and the lit­tle girl was forced to stay in the home with the ille­gal for sev­er­al days after the event. We aren’t talk­ing about pro­tect­ing our chil­dren. It starts at the bor­der. 2258 ille­gal cross­ings in one day at one cross­ing. In one week over 13K crossed over. 

How do we have an admin­is­tra­tion man­dat­ing a “vac­cine” and many Amer­i­cans are los­ing their careers over this man­date. And we have an open bor­der and the admin­is­tra­tion doesn’t care what is com­ing across the bor­der and all the dis­eases and evil com­ing across the bor­der at record numbers. 

The police knew about the rape on June 22. The child said who the guy was on July 6. The arrest was on July 12, not until fox news broke the news that the ille­gal alien was arrest­ed liv­ing in the same home with the lit­tle girl. 

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