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Lori talks about China, our farmland, Biden family compromise, and the KY flood devastation


We have such a com­pro­mised pres­i­dent in the oval office. When have we had some­one that was more com­pro­mised than Joe Biden? What is the deal with Chi­na all about? If Chi­na start­ed talk­ing, what would we hear? Did Joe Biden’s admin­is­tra­tion leak the infor­ma­tion about Pelosi’s vis­it to Tai­wan. This pres­i­dent wants to bow to Chi­na because of the “Big Guy” deal­ings. The leak was done to com­pel Nan­cy from not going to Tai­wan. The con­sen­sus is that Nan­cy Pelosi was right to go and we had to go. As we have more and more lack of infor­ma­tion that comes out of the admin­is­tra­tion makes you won­der what is being hidden. 

Chi­na is buy­ing up farm­land in the US. when you look to see where Chi­na has their claws. Our ports in Cal­i­for­nia in New Eng­land. The man­age­ment com­pa­nies in these ports are Chi­nese oper­a­tors. Are they bad char­ac­ters or good busi­ness­men? They want to con­trol our sup­plies. They want to dic­tate and be able to use and con­trol us with shut downs to use as lever­age. Trump imposed tar­iffs to move man­u­fac­tur­ing back to the Unit­ed States to elim­i­nate the reliance on oth­er coun­tries, espe­cial­ly China. 

If we could use the funds and resources that have been used in the Jan­u­ary 6 hear­ings to inves­ti­gate the Hunter Biden scan­dal. To find out if Chi­na has got­ten a big­ger piece of this coun­try that the Amer­i­can peo­ple know with their deal­ings with Hunter and Joe Biden. 

There are thou­sands of Amer­i­cans that are going through com­plete dev­as­ta­tion and heart­break. These small com­mu­ni­ties where whole fam­i­lies were wiped out. Samar­i­tans purse is deliv­er­ing need­ed sup­plies to the KY flood sur­vivors. The build­ing that will need to be done after the floods recede and the fires dis­perse in Cal­i­for­nia. And build­ing sup­plies are 20 weeks out, how is this going to affect the peo­ple who are try­ing to rebuild after the dev­as­ta­tion. Many of the peo­ple will have nowhere to go. 

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