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WE ARE WINNING — Fauci to Retire and Attacks are Enormous


Head­line: Bit­ter­sweet Fau­ci will leave the gov­ern­ment excit­ed for what comes next. But what we real­ly want to see is an orange jump­suit. Repub­li­cans tell Fau­ci to keep his Jan­u­ary sched­ule open. Fau­ci is retir­ing for numer­ous rea­sons but the biggest one is that repub­li­cans will take back the house and sen­ate. And he knows that when repub­li­cans con­trol things he is in big trou­ble. He knows that the house will make a crim­i­nal refer­ral to the DOJ, and we won­der what would hap­pen there. For those of you that want to see Fau­ci held account­able for the crimes, when he retires he will become untouch­able. Con­gress will no longer be able to hold him account­able. The House needs to change the rules. 

The attacks are so enor­mous they want to beat you down. We are win­ning. Vance has hit the 50. Unless some­thing hap­pens in pol­i­tics, JD Vance has OH. in PA you have the Mas­tri­ano group and the DR. Oz group and you have the group that can’t find their way. Trump is going to PA to clear all that up. We are win­ning in PA. 

Who did they use the report of Ani-Semi­tism to attack, Doug Mas­tri­ano (PA) and Kari Lake (AZ). Polls show Kari Lake down 3, the mar­gin of error. Mas­tri­ano is down 4, the mar­gin of error. We can win this if we can remem­ber that 74% of Amer­i­cans think the coun­try is in the wrong direc­tion and not answer their ques­tions. Amer­i­ca wants to end crazy. 

It is a dai­ly basis they want to attack Her­schel Walk­er. Where is Warnock? There aren’t any events. They are all using the Biden demo­c­rat elec­tion plan. Her­schel will talk to any­one. They are attack­ing Her­schel, try­ing every­thing they can to bring him down because he is win­ning. They want you to believe they are help­ing you, but they are not. We let you know that yes­ter­day because of a salary rule in the Sen­ate, Warnock gets $7400 a month for a hous­ing allowance tax free. And he votes to put 87000 tax col­lec­tors to knock on your door and shake you for what­ev­er coins you have. 

Many think the FL elec­tion tonight, and the out­come in NY will be very telling for November. 

How can Dr. Oz be behind Fet­ter­man? There is a rea­son Trump is going back to PA. Fet­ter­man wants to be the Sen­a­tor in PA. To the peo­ple of safe com­mu­ni­ties, moms, dads, and the peo­ple that don’t want the drug deal­ers off the street, John Fet­ter­man is not the can­di­date that will do that. In PA there are a lot of homes that have oil heat­ing homes. Fet­ter­man wants to end fos­sil fuels. John Fet­ter­man wants to legal­ize hero­in, nee­dle exchange and safe injec­tion sites. Even Gavin New­som knows that’s a bad idea. New­som vetoes a bill allow­ing legal drug-injec­tion sites. Remem­ber for 2 days in a row, 15K can­dy col­ored fen­tanyl pills strapped to the leg of an ille­gal cross­ing the bor­der. Remem­ber in SF, they did an open air drug mar­ket and peo­ple were crap­ping in the streets and the DA was recalled because of the increase of crime. Fet­ter­man is hid­ing in his base­ment, how is he polling above 30? In PA we are going to win the Sen­ate and Gov­er­nor office. We have prob­lems like Jack Poso­biec and Kathy Bar­nett, not back­ing the repub­li­can can­di­date and tweet­ing the neg­a­tive about Dr. Oz. Trump will say it ends. Trump will go to PA and uni­fy the ticket. 

Tonight is the Flori­da pri­ma­ry and the New York pri­ma­ry. Flori­da is so red repub­li­can that DeSan­tis is leav­ing the state to cam­paign in oth­er states. But DeSan­tis is com­fort­able going to the oth­er states. Bri­an Kemp, you need to call Ron DeSan­tis and have him cam­paign for you. 

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