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What will happen between now and Nov 8?


Pay atten­tion: There is some­thing hap­pen­ing. We are pok­ing at Chi­na. If the right peo­ple are in charge Chi­na shouldn’t con­cern Americans. 

The explo­sion that killed the young girl in Moscow. This is the daugh­ter of Alexan­der Dug­in, a friend of Putin. Is the nar­ra­tive that Putin killed the daugh­ter. The car bomb was sup­pose to kill him. There is a lot of mys­tery around this. Dug­in is solid­ly behind the war and Putin. Ukraine was a part of Rus­sia for 400 years, and some peo­ple don’t believe in the sov­er­eign­ty of Ukraine. Keep an eye on this story. 

WE are win­ning, but won­der­ing what could hap­pen. The house of rep­re­sen­ta­tives the democ­rats have lost. Cur­rent­ly the democ­rats have a 4 lead mar­gin but Nan­cy Pelosi under­stands how to beat them into sub­mis­sion. They don’t wor­ry about los­ing a sin­gle vote on any of these Joe Biden bills. Pelosi didn’t have to make any adjust­ments to the bill. 

On the repub­li­can side we need a 30–40 lead. We don’t need to com­pro­mise any more. For­get about bipar­ti­san. If we want repub­li­cans to stand up and do the right thing and not be cow­ards. If democ­rats shrink the win in the house it will be almost the same equiv­a­lent as if they are in the major­i­ty. We have a gov­ern­ment that is an orga­nized crime. 

Fox report­ed that Repub­li­cans are fore­cast to win the major­i­ty of 2 to 30 seats, few­er than antic­i­pat­ed in July. Almost 6 months ago we said to watch for the media to nar­row the win. 

They are angry in NH. Don­ald Bolduc, he is a Brigadier Gen­er­al and a Trump endorsed can­di­date. He will win in NH even though Sununu and the estab­lish­ment don’t like him, call­ing him a con­spir­a­cy theorist. 

Mitch McConnell say­ing there is very lit­tle elec­tion fraud. Then he talks about the qual­i­ty of can­di­dates. All these Trump endorsed sen­a­tors on the tick­ets, when they take the sen­ate Mitch will be in the broom clos­et, maybe. Talk to your neigh­bors. And if you want Trump to run in 2024, you bet­ter give him a major­i­ty in the sen­ate and major­i­ty in the house. 

Pos­si­ble elec­tion take over in Ful­ton delayed until after the midterms. The per­for­mance review will not be com­plete until after this year’s elec­tions will be certified. 

Stu­dent debt for­give­ness will make infla­tion worse. Biden will kick the can on stu­dent loan for­give­ness until the end of the year. Will they tie it to the teacher short­age, based on the sto­ries this weekend. 

Pen­ta­gon denies DC may­or Bows­er nation­al guard for ille­gals. NYC pass­ing out phones, food and health­care to illegals. 

Need to Watch: Park­land mass shoot­er Niko­las Cruz was poi­soned in the womb. And his brain is irre­triev­ably bro­ken by his mother’s drink­ing. Was he poi­soned in the womb so should we pre­vent crime in the womb? 

Doc­u­ments from the CIA, FBI, NSA, won­der what Trump had on them. Won­der why they had to go in. Remem­ber 74% of Amer­i­cans think we are on the wrong track. In 2016 they put spies on the Trump cam­paign. Jake Sul­li­van (Nation­al Secu­ri­ty Advi­sor to Joe Biden) ran the nar­ra­tive to the media about Rus­sia. They put spies in Trump tow­er, the white house, mar-a-lago. These are dan­ger­ous times in the media. They said Rus­sia, Ukraine, Nov 20 big lie, phone call with Raf­fensperg­er, insur­rec­tion, and now doc­u­ments. Peo­ple can’t afford the car pay­ment, the house pay­ment, the gas, the new prop­er­ty tax bill, the food bill, 74% of us want to fix crazy. 

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