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Its called a FULLY FUNDED DEAL — It Didn’t Stop the College Cartel


MTG will join the show today to talk about how she was swat­ted at 1am in GA home because the prank caller was upset about her stand on trans­gen­der rights. On August 18, MTG intro­duces bill to make gen­der-affirm­ing care for trans­gen­der youth a felony. 

What do we do going for­ward? We sur­vived the indoc­tri­na­tion, but the ones that didn’t sur­vive it have the wires that aren’t touch­ing. Are they ques­tion­ing want­i­ng to go the deep state route and are they ques­tion­ing how this will all end. 

Remem­ber when Mitch McConnell came out and went to the KY Cham­ber of Com­merce meet­ing say­ing that we may not win the Sen­ate because of the qual­i­ty of can­di­dates run­ning. The qual­i­ty of can­di­dates are the Trump endorsed can­di­dates. Mitch is say­ing he may not want to take back the sen­ate because he may end up in the broom clos­et, BKP said this days ago. Trump put out a state­ment about Mitch yes­ter­day say­ing that Mitch is not an oppo­si­tion leader and demand­ing a new repub­li­can leader should be picked imme­di­ate­ly. Mitch needs to go. 

We have too many repub­li­cans in GA that are watch­ing the game from the stu­dent sec­tion at the foot­ball game. They are a part of the repub­li­can par­ty but have no idea who won, who lost and why. If you are look­ing for a repub­li­can that under­stands and tru­ly knows why we win and lose elec­tions. You’re watch­ing him. Remem­ber what Rush used to say, when repub­li­cans run as con­ser­v­a­tives they win. 

They are hav­ing a lit­tle dif­fi­cul­ty here to get Biden’s approval num­bers up to have the cel­e­bra­tion on the net­works. Remem­ber after they passed the Infla­tion Reduc­tion Act and they report­ed Biden’s big wins. We told you that they are try­ing to pump up the Biden approval rat­ing. Don’t know if yes­ter­day was a hail mary pass and it may not hurt the democ­rats in Novem­ber, it’s up to us to get the mes­sage out. You have to look at the smoke, and they aren’t dis­cussing the rat­ings because the new media has done every­thing they could to get the bump in rat­ings and they haven’t been suc­cess­ful yet. 

FBI whistle­blow­er claims bureau lead­ers ordered staff not to inves­ti­gate hunters lap­top to not change the elec­tion again. 

Susan Rice came out yes­ter­day. Muf­fin is hav­ing a hard time. She is a dis­as­ter so Susan Rice was ready to go in and take charge again. This is a clear sig­nal that Barack Oba­ma is run­ning the white house. American’s are ques­tion­ing that the $300B spent in stu­dent debt is the same $300B the Infla­tion Reduc­tion Act claims to relieve. But when the mon­ey starts com­ing in from the repay­ments in Jan that will off­set the mon­ey spent… It’s a word problem. 

It’s called a full fund deal. When you go to a clos­ing on a house, say it is 200K with cost and prof­it to the own­er. The 200k is on the table when the deal is done. When you buy a car for 60K the deal gets ful­ly fund­ed with cost and prof­it to the deal­er­ship. The finan­cial group sends the deal­er the entire 60K. So the col­lege is the same, the col­lege says it is 30K and when you are done with all your paper­work the col­lege gets ful­ly fund­ed from the gov­ern­ment with cost and prof­it to the col­lege. So when Susan Rice looks at the cam­era and says we didn’t see peo­ple com­plain­ing when we were help­ing small busi­ness­es get through the pan­dem­ic with those loans. And you weren’t com­plain­ing when we for­gave your loan to get through the pan­dem­ic. Small busi­ness­es didn’t get fund­ed. What hap­pened was the PPP loan was to pay the employ­ees and did not get the prof­it. They told you to shut your busi­ness and fig­ure out what you would pay your employ­ees and the gov­ern­ment will fund that. Small busi­ness Amer­i­ca didn’t make any prof­it. The gov­ern­ment didn’t send the prof­it mar­gin and noth­ing was left in the bank account because we worked 7 days a week. The col­leges got ful­ly fund­ed. MSNBC is say­ing some­thing isn’t adding up here. It didn’t address the col­lege cartel. 

In GA we have the Hope schol­ar­ship and it is fund­ed by the poor­est rung of the eco­nom­ic lad­der through hook on gam­bling. The lot­tery funds the Hope schol­ar­ship. Then you get the pic­ture of the gov­er­nor with the lot­tery divi­sion with the big check and the head­line say­ing the How great it is for edu­ca­tion. It is all a sys­tem to take from the poor and give to this car­tel for the high­er indoc­tri­na­tion sys­tem. It is all to get them hooked on and get their taxes. 

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