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ASK THE DOC — Medical Headlines This Week August 26, 2022


Dr. Tidman’s talks about a friend’s bat­tle with COVID and how he was min­is­ter­ing to the staff of the hospital. 

COVID to blame as US life expectan­cy falls. The first time it has fall­en in 100 years. The two caus­es were because of the COVID deaths and the lack of treat­ment. The dieas­es of des­pi­ra­tion, over­dose, sui­cide, etc. In the first and sec­ond years of COVID all caus­es of mor­tal­i­ty went up a huge amount. The treat­ment offered by the WHO and CDC of the world to shut every­thing down and keep your social dis­tance is the cause of the access to mortality. 

Congressman’s wife dies after tak­ing herbal reme­dies for weight loss. The nutraceu­ti­cals are total­ly unreg­u­lat­ed and are the wild west. It is a huge busi­ness tak­ing in tril­lions of dol­lars a year. The hope is the nutraceu­ti­cal indus­try will begin to be reg­u­lat­ed. If you decide to go down that road in tak­ing sup­ple­ments pur­chase through a local phar­ma­cy and make sure it has a stamp with US Pharmacopeia. 

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