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AZ troopers stop 46# Fentanyl, Linking Top DOJ Lawyer to Biden


In 2016 Hillary was call­ing the peo­ple in PA to hold off the announce­ment that Trump had won, hop­ing they could fig­ure some­thing out but they nev­er could. 

This video from Cit­i­zens for San­i­ty. Google Port­land or. How many peo­ple are sell­ing their homes and get­ting out of POrt­land Or. this video was not cre­at­ed to stir mis­in­for­ma­tion. This is all true. They are not record­ed scenes. This is gang vio­lence. Biden can yell semi-fas­cist. And Biden can con­tin­ue to go on and on about how dan­ger­ous the MAGA group is but they won’t dis­cuss the crime increas­es across the nation. If you don’t see it, it does­n’t hap­pen is what they think. 

Doc pos­es with a patient, a child, she just muti­lat­ed from gen­der affirm­ing surgery. The doc­tor removes the breasts from the child. 

AZ troop­ers dis­cov­er 46 pounds of fen­tanyl pills dur­ing a traf­fic stop. They were being smug­gled from Nogales Mex­i­co to Phoenix. They were tucked inside the door pan­el. Just think if Joe Biden wasn’t try­ing to steal 370B of tax­pay­er mon­ey with John Podes­ta, if he wasn’t in PA and Wi lying to peo­ple, If joe wasn’t on stage in PA attack­ing you and I. what would hap­pen if these peo­ple on the bor­der would have the ounce of sup­port to stop the drugs com­ing across our south­ern border. 

OPEC slash­es oil pro­duc­tion by 100K bar­rels a day as prices fall. OPEC says no to Joe Biden. 

Top Jus­tice Depart­ment lawyer was part­ners with Hunter Biden’s attor­ney. Hunter’s attor­ney was Chris Clark, a part­ner at NY based firm Lath­eam and Walkins worked with McQuaid on at least 4 dif­fer­ent cas­es. McQuaid was named act­ing head of the Jus­tice Depart­ment crim­i­nal divi­sion on Jan 20, 2021. Clark start­ed rep­re­sent­ing Hunter a month before in Decem­ber. All they want to talk about is Jan 6. They want to for­get about any­thing in Octo­ber hap­pen­ing. You can not make this up. And Trump is the bad guy talk­ing about this corruption. 

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