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The party at the White House and Prices are Up


After the infla­tion num­bers out yes­ter­day show­ing plus 8.3% and CNN runs with the roy­als had din­ner last night. 

Biden said the peo­ple won. They had a par­ty at the White House yes­ter­day, the Infla­tion Reduc­tion Act par­ty. The democ­rats are in big trou­ble. The Red Wave is com­ing. It is going to be so enor­mous. The Net­works are beg­ging you to watch them. They are push­ing the abor­tion, Jan 6, and the doc­u­ments at mar-a-lago, beg­ging you to watch. And if all else fails go back to Russia.
Did John Podes­ta come back to steal 370B from the Amer­i­can peo­ple on the ever ever ever cli­mate change act with the spe­cial inter­est lost. 

INter­est rates will be going up next week. You will be pay­ing more on your cred­it cards and more on your revolv­ing debt. And small busi­ness own­ers are using the revolv­ing cred­it lines, prime plus, it will get a lit­tle big­ger. Hous­ing slumps because of hous­ing mort­gage rates. And Joe wants us to believe that his num­ber one pri­or­i­ty is deal­ing with infla­tion. The stock mar­ket hit a crash num­ber yesterday. 

We took from our petro­le­um strate­gic stock­pile that was filled when Trump was in office. We pur­chased and filled the tanks at about $40/barrel and are now using a mil­lion bar­rels a day and now they are ready to refill the tanks at $80/barrel. We have shipped some of those bar­rels over­sea and sold them to Chi­na and now we are buy­ing them back at $80/barrel

While you are only spend­ing $50–60 at a time at the gro­cery store and not buy­ing the cheap­er store brands. While some in the world are mak­ing more as the inter­est rates go up. And some don’t care if the price of bacon goes up. But for you and I, we are con­cerned. But we do know the roy­als got togeth­er for din­ner last night. 

Biden’s stum­bling vic­to­ry lap! Pres­i­dent cel­e­brates mak­ing progress on infla­tion despite stock mar­kets’ worst 2 day as it tum­bles 1200 points for the worst day since June 2020. Joe said it will take more time to bring infla­tion down in response to the CPI report. 

The increased cost of gro­ceries are caus­ing peo­ple to use buy now pay lat­er apps to pay for gro­ceries. The sto­ry was brought to you by BKP about 2 weeks ago. Peo­ple are resort­ing to off brand items.
Prices are up and you only get mugged if you go downtown. 

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