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Be Careful of the Republican Comfort Zone: Stay Focused & Continue to Campaign


A repub­li­can stan­dard. We want­ed to see VA go red and Glenn Youngkin was able to make that hap­pen. Lets not for­get what cat­a­pult­ed him to the Gov­er­nor’s office. Remem­ber Loudin coun­ty schools. There are peo­ple out there that think the par­ents that went to school board meet­ings to push back on what they are teach­ing the chil­dren as Jan 6 insur­rec­tion­ists. Lets not for­get what issues tru­ly cat­a­pult­ed Glenn Youngkin into office. The issues that ral­lied the vot­ers of VA to come out for him. Glenn Youngkin is com­ing to town to cam­paign for Bri­an Kemp. What and see how many come in to cam­paign with Kemp until the election. 

Lets ask Lit­tle Stacey and the democ­rats a ques­tion, while the media reports dai­ly that Joe Biden’s approval rat­ing is mov­ing north, where is Stacey Abrams fire­pow­er? There are 48 days to the elec­tion, maybe she has plans? Where are your sup­port­ing demo­c­rat lead­ers? The first 150–175 peo­ple at these events are the choir, the vol­un­teers, friends, fam­i­ly and the like. The pic­ture from Sun­day at the Stacey Abrams event only draw­ing 175 peo­ple is the pic­ture of Amer­i­ca. Remem­ber Stacey has more mon­ey than any oth­er guber­na­to­r­i­al can­di­date across this coun­ty, no one has the mon­ey to work with in Amer­i­ca. This woman Stacey Abrams is the demo­c­rat poster child in the Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca for the lack of demo­c­rat enthu­si­asm. They are beg­ging you to change your mind. The media is beg­ging you to not con­cern your­self with the infla­tion, the bor­der. They are beg­ging you to think­ing about abor­tion and put this on the bal­lot. Why isn’t John Osoff on the cam­paign trail? Is there not a demo­c­rat that will come cam­paign with you? Maybe my friend in Flori­da can send you a cou­ple of bus loads of the migrants and you can take some pic­tures hug­ging them and lov­ing them and you can take to your events as sit fillers. 

It looks as though repub­li­cans will take all the con­sti­tu­tion­al seats in GA. But don’t get too com­fort­able. Burt Jones widens the lead in Lt Gov race in GA. 

Remem­ber the advice to Her­schel Walk­er cam­paign, dur­ing the event Her­schel needs to look over at Warnock say­ing, “You sure can talk, you are one smooth talk­er” But what action will Warnock do, as Atlanta has the sec­ond high­est infla­tion rate in the coun­try, only slight­ly behind Phoenix. They need some­one that will get the deal done. 

The con­cern with McConnell com­ing to fundraise for Her­schel Walk­er and Blake Mas­ters, did they have to strike a deal with Mitch to have him campaign? 

Be care­ful of the repub­li­can com­fort across the coun­try and stay focus and con­tin­ue to cam­paign to get the mes­sage out and remem­ber what got the vot­ers out in VA as Glenn Youngkin comes to GA. 

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