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The Weaponized DOJ/FBI raid home of Catholic Pro-Life Activist


FBI raids home of Catholic pro-life speak­er, author with guns drawn as his ter­ri­fied kids watch as the FBI agents holds guns to par­ents dur­ing raid. The court threw the case out in 2021 and the DOJ picked it back up. The father was hauled away in hand­cuffs. The gov­ern­ment came in on this fam­i­ly with guns ablaz­ing because of a belief. Doug Mas­tri­ano, repub­li­can can­di­date for gov­er­nor, releas­ing a state­ment say­ing this is a show of focus by the Biden regime against ordi­nary Amer­i­cans is an abuse of pow­er against the fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ples on which our coun­try was founded. 

Liz Chaney got annailat­ed in WY and MSM thinks she is the voice of rea­son for the repub­li­can par­ty. This week­end she is in TX say­ing she will do what­ev­er it takes to stop Trump from being the nom­i­nee in 2024 again. Remem­ber no mat­ter the nom­i­nee we have to put our sup­port behind them. Chaney will not vote for Hage­man and that any­one that denies the elec­tion, peo­ple should not vote for any of them. She is doing every­thing she can to cam­paign against Kari Lake. Repub­li­cans are try­ing to find their soul. Repub­li­cans know what con­nects Amer­i­ca. WE can thin the herd just like that. She is going to cam­paign against MAGA. She said she would vote for a demo­c­rat over a MAGA nom­i­nee. Every GOP has a sergeant of arms and you pick 2 peo­ple and you stand at the door and ask the atten­dees if they would sup­port Don­ald Trump as the repub­li­can nom­i­nee in 2024. If the answer is no they aren’t allowed in, bot­tom line. Do you sup­port LIz Chaney and you think she should be on the Jan 6 com­mit­tee? If yes they aren’t allowed. 

They want you to believe that repub­li­cans are set for a +10. While 74% still say the econ­o­my is top of the issues in the US. Psa­ki comes out say­ing crime is a prob­lem. They have done every­thing they can to try and get Biden’s approval rat­ing up, lied and cheat­ed run ads to get his approval rat­ing up. Noth­ing is work­ing. Going into the midterms with 56% of democ­rats say­ing they want some­one else on the bal­lot in 2024. They want you to believe that repub­li­cans are falling for the con­trol of con­gress and they want you to believe that Amer­i­cans would pick Biden over Trump right now. Also that Trump threat­ened democ­ra­cy, com­mit­ted fed­er­al crimes. 

They don’t want you to think about the bags you’re hold­ing com­ing out of the gro­cery store cost­ing more and you would rather pay the high­er prices than hav­ing Trump back in office when you were pay­ing less for those same groceries. 

Fet­ter­man update. Democ­rats will not define any lim­i­ta­tions on abor­tion. Say­ing that the deci­sion is between a woman and her doc­tor. Fet­ter­man says as a politi­cian and a man he has no input. How does Fet­ter­man feel about LGBTQ his­to­ry in schools? He is for gay his­to­ry in schools. Vot­ers are begin­ning to be con­cerned about Fet­ter­man’s health in PA. The cam­paign was not being truth­ful about the stroke and Fet­ter­man’s health. 

Whit­mer pho­tographed a woman with­out a prop­er shirt. 

Keisha Lance Bot­toms say­ing MAGA is try­ing to destroy the USA. 

They hate MTG. She has the Pro­tect­ing Children’s Inno­cence Act. McCarthy releas­ing Com­mit­ment of Amer­i­ca plan. Biden said that the plan didn’t have the right to choose, medicare, social security. 

Medicare runs out of funds. The next sen­ate has to deal with it. They are doing stop gap mea­sures. Fri­day is the deadline. 

Kamala Har­ris is in Japan for Abe, the longest serv­ing Japan­ese Prime min­is­ter, funeral. 

Planned Par­ent­hood edit­ed their web­site to match com­ments made by Stacey Abrams. Say­ing that the heart­beat at 6 weeks is a made up sound. 

Media out­lets leave out key details in ND nut who ran down and killed a teenag­er over a polit­i­cal argu­ment with­out men­tion­ing he told police he thought the teen was a repub­li­cans polit­i­cal extremist. 

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