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Trump was Right about Germany’s dependence on Russia, Stock Market, 401K, the list grows


Nord Stream 2 — the for­mer Pol­ish Defense Min­is­ter said the US blew up Russ­ian Gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 & 2. We don’t know. He is accus­ing the US of sab­o­tag­ing the two pipelines which car­ry nat­ur­al gas from Rus­sia to Ger­many. It is being report­ed that a series of unusu­al leaks in two gas pipelines run­ning from Rus­sia under the Baltic Sea to Ger­many trig­gers con­cerns about sab­o­tage. Biden on video say­ing that if Rus­sia invades Ukraine again there will no longer be a Nord Stream pipeline that the US would bring an end to it. If these pipelines are down, these pipelines car­ry the much need­ed fuel to Ger­many. This is a major blow to what’s already a mas­sive increase to ener­gy costs going into a cold win­ter. But remem­ber when Ger­many laughed at Trump at the UN speech when he said that Ger­many would be total­ly depen­dent on Russ­ian ener­gy if it doesn’t change course. The only thing the media wants to report is the doc­u­ments in Mar-a-Lago, but this guy was on tar­get telling Ger­many you are mak­ing a mis­take tying your­self to Rus­sia. Ger­mans laugh­ing their ass­es off at the UN. He told them at Nato. Trump said if Joe Biden was elect­ed the stock mar­ket would crash. And your 401K would be in trou­ble. Going into today’s trad­ing all futures were down. Dow and S&P hit low­est lev­els since 2020 as reces­sion woes mount. All the neg­a­tive things that are being report­ed on Rus­sia, keep in mind where the infor­ma­tion is com­ing from. 

This is where we are in Amer­i­ca. GM steps back on return-to-office man­date amid back­lash. In DC they are still all flipped out over COVID, peo­ple are home and get­ting paid for it. Just in your gov­ern­ment alone, the tax­pay­er is pay­ing for peo­ple that are still at home and are not at work. if we don’t do this now, WE don’t have work­ers. And now you have this lib­er­al lefty media say­ing that 2.4 mil­lion migrants can be the answer to the labor short­age. If our legal cit­i­zens and we don’t turn this coun­try around and they don’t learn to work. Our coun­try is done. The email would go out to all the employ­ees say­ing they need to get back to work or they are fired. The woke media is let­ting Joe Biden know that Covid is not over and we aren’t going back to work. They aren’t afraid of COVID, it costs more mon­ey to go back to work in Joe Biden’s Amer­i­ca. Although the woke media is say­ing the gas is going down. We are pay­ing peo­ple for absolute­ly nothing. 

The gro­cery short­ages and prices are the head­lines every­where in Amer­i­ca and what the Woke Media wants you to believe is that a new vari­ant may cause a big winder COVID wave. 

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