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Woke News won’t Report: Russians flee ahead of Draft, GM backlash, Border, etc


The goal of the show is to always think what they are try­ing to get you to believe. Things don’t add up. 

As Rus­sians flee, some find draft notices wait­ing at the bor­der. Putin put a draft in place. He wants 300K men to put in the regions that Rus­sia is going to annex from Ukraine. Sep­a­ratists claim 4 areas of Ukraine vot­ed to join Rus­sia. It is being called a sham elec­tion. The US pre­pares anoth­er 1.1 bil­lion in aid for Ukraine as Con­gress looks to appro­pri­ate $12B fund­ing. They can find all this video of Rus­sians flee­ing the coun­try. And video of protest­ing on the draft in Rus­sia. And data on top gen­er­als turn­ing on Putin. They find all they want to find. They recent­ly found mass graves where Rus­sians are killing these peo­ple in these regions. If there are reports Ukraine killed 5–6000 Rus­sians, how come there aren’t any videos of the funer­als or the out­rage in Rus­sia? And now the 2 pipelines, BOOM sabotage. 

This is a prob­lem. GM steps back on return-to-office man­date amid back­lash. Remem­ber planes were going to fall out of the sky when air traf­fic con­trollers went on strike. And what Rea­gan did, he fired them if they did­n’t return to work. You have peo­ple work­ing in the behe­moth gov­ern­ment agen­cies who are sit­ting at home col­lect­ing mon­ey and they won’t go back to work. It is time for Amer­i­ca to say Go Back To Work and in the words of Don­ald Trump Youre Fired. 

Stock Mar­kets, the last guy’s mea­sure of every­thing, is 20% high­er and has hit record after record, says Biden. Trump said if Biden is elect­ed the stock mar­ket will crash. Dow and S&P hit low­est lev­els since 2020. 

Oba­ma left office with a mil­lion ille­gals cross­ing the bor­der, Trump had it down to 240K in a year, Joe has increased it to 2.4 mil­lions in one year. KL Bot­toms say­ing you can’t just bus migrants into a city when they aren’t pre­pared to receive them. Lare­do Texas is bussing 21–26 bus­es a day, they aren’t pre­pared for them to walk across the bor­der. Where are the 2.4 million? 

Trea­sure Sec­re­tary Janet Yellen is prepar­ing to depart the White House after the midterms. She has done her duty to the deep state. She has com­plet­ed her task. 

Fet­ter­man unable to speak. The Eagles are so much bet­ter than the Eagles. Conor Lamb is a con­ser­v­a­tive demo­c­rat and was in the pri­ma­ry run­ning for the Sen­ate run­ning against Fet­ter­man. He was try­ing to tell the peo­ple of PA that Fet­ter­men was too far to the extreme to win a statewide seat. Fet­ter­men run­ning around in his gym shorts and a hootie cam­paign­ing to legal­ize mar­i­jua­na with Bernie Sanders. 

The may­or of NY city says NY has a brand, laugh­ing that KS doesn’t have a brand. In KS they don’t have a sub­way sys­tem where the peo­ple go down there and get the hell beat out of them everyday. 

Get ready for cli­mate change and the hur­ri­cane will go togeth­er. They are try­ing to already say that Ron DeSan­tis isn’t com­mu­ni­cat­ing with the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment and that is a lie. The hur­ri­cane is why the democ­rats have to win. They want you to believe that if they could have done some­thing 5 years ago they could have done some­thing. They want you to believe they can pass leg­is­la­tion to change the climate. 

Biden announces low­er pre­mi­um costs for medicare. 

They don’t want to talk about the mort­gage rates soar to over 7% the high­est lev­el in 21 years. They do not want to talk about what they want to talk about, Biden shames Repub­li­cans Rick Scott and Ron John­son for want­i­ng to put social secu­ri­ty on the chop­ping block. In 2026, if you look at the prob­lems that the health­care sys­tems have, medicare will run out of mon­ey. These funds are set up to last so long, they are unstat­able. The mar­kets react if you don’t fig­ure out how to pay for some­thing. Look what hap­pened in the UK recent­ly when they cut tax­es and increased spend­ing, imme­di­ate­ly the peo­ple that are hold­ing your debt get ner­vous. Say­ing how you can’t do this and do this and pay us. So Scott and John­son are look­ing at how to do this and this and pay that. They are hav­ing the dis­cus­sion. Democ­rats don’t want to have the dis­cus­sions we have to have to solve the issues. 

McConnell endors­es bipar­ti­san bill to pre­vent anoth­er Jan 6. If Mike Pence could not have done any­thing to pre­vent Jan 6, what are they fix­ing? You bet­ter pay atten­tion to what is about to hap­pen here. When they say clar­i­fi­ca­tion, objec­tion, cer­ti­fi­ca­tion; hang on. They want to clar­i­fy some­thing, change the way we can object and how elec­tions are cer­ti­fied. You need to pay atten­tion to this. 

Don’t for­get FBI raids home of catholic pro-life speak­er with guns drawn as his ter­ri­fied kids watch. This is a case that is over a year old and they felt the need to strike fear. 

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