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This is the woman that sets off Christian Walker?


The democ­rats want abor­tion on the bal­lot. They also need GA to be the 50 seat. Head­lines: Herschel’s scan­dal threat­ens sen­ate bid, Herschel’s tick­ing time bomb. They found Warnock for a com­ment on Her­schel. Politi­co’s top sto­ries are about Herschel. 

There is a claim that Her­schel reim­bursed the woman for the abor­tion. But there isn’t a check from Her­schel Walk­er to the abor­tion clin­ic. Maybe she called say­ing she couldn’t make the rent or the car pay­ment. They want to take out Her­schel Walk­er and this is a great sto­ry for them with Christian’s attacks. If he was so upset about Herschel’s bid then why not bring this up in the pri­ma­ry. It is very pos­si­ble that the devel­op­ments will hap­pen until after the Novem­ber election. 

They keep report­ing that he paid for her abor­tion not that he reim­bursed her. Her iden­ti­ty is being kept for secu­ri­ty and pri­va­cy. So they are going through more to pro­tect this woman than a Supreme Jus­tice. Don’t for­get these are the same net­works that brought you the news of oth­er scan­dals that were false­ly report­ed on Jus­tice Kavanaugh and Don­ald Trump. 

If the check says $XXX and match­es a receipt made out to the abor­tion clin­ic. It’s unbe­liev­able that peo­ple are con­cerned about this sto­ry with­out any proof. In Amer­i­ca, you have a right to face your accuser. Her­schel needs to demand to see who it is. This is the woman that sets off Chris­t­ian Walker? 

Some­thing that can deter­mine the bal­ance of pow­er. Where the democ­rats are spend­ing tril­lions and tril­lion of dol­lars on the Green New Deal and they aren’t fin­ished spend­ing. They don’t want to tell you they have inde­pen­dent­ly cor­rob­o­rat­ed the sto­ry. Warnock is eat­ing it up. Warnock col­lect­ed $26M in the lat­est fundrais­ing peri­od. This is a CA Senator. 

They went for the Nev­er Trumpers The rea­son Don­ald Trump lost in GA accord­ing to Bri­an Kemp and Brad Raf­fensperg­er is because of the Nev­er Trumpers wear­ing a mask pre­tend­ing to be Trump sup­port­ers. Report­ing that it wasn’t the sto­ry but the reac­tion of Chris­t­ian Walk­er on social media. Walk­er being on the radar for months with him mak­ing state­ments about father­less homes etc. 

Bri­an Kemp and Burt Jones need to ral­ly around Her­schel Walk­er as team­mates, a DAWG! You don’t leave a DAWG lay­ing on the field. We are a team. We are GA Bulldogs. 

We had the Octo­ber Sur­prise, it was all an orches­trat­ed move. It is a nation­al move, good vs evil. The media will lose their shit if democ­rats lose con­gress. This is such a racist attack on Her­schel Walker. 

Chris­t­ian Walk­er is not a con­ser­v­a­tive. If he was the con­ser­v­a­tive that he says he is he would bite his tongue and allow his father to get in office. If he has endured the mad­ness for so long, why now? 

They think Dr. OZ is going to win PA. They have gone around from AZ, NV, WI, OH, PA, NC, GA. They think they are tied. This is all designed to scare sub­ur­ban repub­li­can white estab­lish­ment nev­er-trumper women. 

The play is sim­ple for 3 weeks. Her­schel Walk­er is going to kill a woman, kill cops, and all orches­trat­ed on emo­tion. The next thing they do is bring in the abor­tion because the white sub­ur­ban woman aren’t nec­es­sar­ly pro choice but they don’t like the over­turn­ing of Roe v Wade so they want that abor­tion and Walk­er to be a hyp­ocrite. Then close it up with the fam­i­ly vio­lence and the son being hurt by dad. 

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