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They Call It, Operation Alan Keyes


They call it Oper­a­tion Alan Keyes. Yes­ter­day the Her­schel Walk­er sto­ry was sup­posed to get him out of the race. Who was in on it? And Who was going to be the replace­ment can­di­date? The repub­li­can par­ty got rid of the can­di­date in IL run­ning against Barack Oba­ma for Sen­ate in 2004. It’s Oper­a­tion Alan Keyes. 

Mehmet Oz is a class act. He’s gen­uine and lis­ten­ing to the peo­ple of PA. 

Upstate NY may­or rips into Biden after dozens of migrant kids secret­ly flown to a small town. Dozens of migrant kids are secret­ly flown into the town. Lat­est flight had 25 minors rang­ing from 13–18 shipped off to 12 loca­tions includ­ing children’s homes and shel­ters scat­tered across the tri state and NYC sub­ur­ban areas. It is cost­ing the tax­pay­er for the edu­ca­tion and med­ical bills in these com­mu­ni­ties. The pas­sen­gers didn’t know where they were going. Guess it is ok if the gov­ern­ment is child traf­fick­ing. All the repub­li­can gov­er­nors need to come out and demand where these ille­gals are at. This is an inva­sion that will dam­age this country. 

The stock mar­ket made Nan­cy Pelosi rich. Her for­tune has grown to $140 mil­lion since 2008. 

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