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How Low Will the Democrats Go?


The team lost it this morn­ing on the net­works. They have shown their hand. They are so upset that Her­schel didn’t get out of the race. They are so upset that the dai­ly beast sto­ry didn’t do what they expected. 

Blake Mas­ters is going to win in AZ. They know the elec­tion fraud that took place. They know that Phoenix has been hit hard in infla­tion. The bor­der, the inva­sion into this coun­try. It is hap­pen­ing across the states, where are the bus­es going? But the peo­ple in AZ are watch­ing the inva­sion of the south­ern bor­der from their front porch. 

We flip NV. The only thing is NV has all mail in bal­lots. That’s a concern. 

Good in WI and get a repub­li­can Gov in WI. he was sup­port­ed by Trump and was
Vance in OH. Oz in PA. The issues with Fet­ter­man have to be get­ting out. Crime has to be a top issue for vot­ers in these cities. 

They have come to GA and their hope was that Walk­er would get out of the race. They were hop­ing that this would be so dev­as­tat­ing and that repub­li­cans would turn on Her­schel with the help of the AJC and nation­al media. 

We are going to win. But you have to real­ize some things and get out there and not let the Her­schel sto­ry both­er you. 

OPEC dra­mat­i­cal­ly slash­es oil pro­duc­tion. As you’re pump­ing as today. Noth­ing has worked Joe, not the releas­ing of the strate­gic oil sup­plies, not going to OPEC, sanc­tions on Rus­sia. Gas prices are going back up. First it was Russia’s fault. Now it is OPECs fault. Trump had us ener­gy inde­pen­dent. Remem­ber 2 years ago gas was $1.63 a gal­lon, that’s $400 more per month for a house­hold of 3 vehicles.
When MSNBC, NPR and PBS New­shour believe infla­tion is the num­ber one issue, it’s a bad day when they admit it. Crime and elec­tion intergri­ty are high­er than pre­serv­ing the democ­ra­cy and abortion. 

How low will they go? Democ­rats will go so low they will take an entire state in the US and turn it into a sanc­tu­ary state so 12 year old kids can fly there and get muti­lat­ed, give puber­ty block­ers, cut off gen­i­talia. The sick­ness in this coun­try to muti­late, mur­der, mame, child abuse, and pedophile. 70% of Amer­i­cans say we are mov­ing in the wrong direc­tion and want some­one to fix CRAZY. 

On this show, we are here to help clear up some things so you can stop the CRAZY. Show them the track. It is rep­re­sent­ed by Warnock, it’s the rea­son we pay so much in gas. It’s the rea­son why you have a man that thinks he is a woman in charge of the health of your kids in school. If Her­schel Walk­er was a sen­a­tor, pay­ing for some­ones abor­tion wouldn’t mat­ter. It would be a big deal. Because the club in DC has been cov­er­ing up things like this for years. Wouldn’t you like to know how many have been pay­ing for their girl­friends abor­tion? The games peo­ple play. 

Repub­li­cans need to ral­ly behind Her­schel. In GA, every pri­ma­ry oppo­nent for the Sen­ate race needs to endorse and sup­port Her­schel. It’s time right now if you love Amer­i­ca or not. It’s time right now to say you want to stop the muti­la­tion of our kids. Its time right now to stop the mur­der of unborn chil­dren. It’s time right now to stop the debt in this coun­try. It’s time right now to stop the accep­tance of Ukraine in NATO. It’s time to real­ize it’s now or nev­er to save this coun­try. It’s time to get on the stage right now with Her­schel and say enough is enough and it’s time to save Amer­i­ca and we will do it togeth­er. The sen­ate is con­fir­ma­tions. If you are out there today and are hop­ing that Trump is the pres­i­dent in 2024 to stop this mad­ness they have to send nom­i­nees to the Sen­ate for con­fir­ma­tion. We need a Repub­li­can Sen­ate. WE need to save this coun­try and the time is NOW. It is time to send some real peo­ple to the sen­ate to clean out the swamp. 

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