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All Star Political Panel: Senators, Abortion, China/Russia, November Predictions


We have a pret­ty impor­tant elec­tion com­ing up. US Sen­ate races have become nation­al races. $141B has been spent on this MidTerm Elec­tion. Pol­i­tics is an indus­try now. The only push back on Joe Biden has been Manchin and Sine­ma. Not Warnock or Ossoff, GA Sen­a­tors have not done any­thing. The peo­ple in GA were total­ly opposed to the Infla­tion Reduc­tion Act, Warnock doesn’t care what the peo­ple of GA, he only votes where the mon­ey dan­gles from. 

The false nar­ra­tive about a woman’s body. The ratio­nal dis­cus­sion of Roe v Wade. You don’t get to just decide you were raped, you can’t wait 7 months. Democ­rats are want­i­ng to make abor­tion a decid­ing fac­tor. Your nation­al rep­re­sen­ta­tive should not be con­cerned with abortion. 

Has Raphael Warnock ever done an ad for what he will do for you? All the ads are attacks against Herschel. 

Rus­sia could be falling apart and Chi­na could be ready to pounce. It’s very con­fus­ing what is tak­ing place and how the chips may fall. 

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