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Are you Ready for a flurry of October Surprises?


Do not ear­ly vote. Ear­ly vot­ing is designed for cheat­ing. If you vote ear­ly because you know who you are vot­ing for, so do they. Vote on elec­tion day and turn out the masses. 

Go find anoth­er pro­gram if you want to cry over Her­schel Walk­er, know­ing that there is the 51 sen­ate seat open, know­ing what has hap­pened in this coun­try with Joe Biden and Warnock vot­ing along with the Biden administration. 

What is more con­cern­ing to a moth­er at the gro­cery store. The sto­ry of Her­schel pay­ing for the abor­tion or the price of eggs, milk and bread? 

We are going to show you how the democ­rats are in such dis­ar­ray. Rick Scott and Tom Cot­ton have come in for Her­schel Walker. 

ATL had their pride parade. Stacey Abrams, John Osoff and Raphael Warnock march in the parade. They are ok with puber­ty block­ers at the age of 12. They are ok with the school prin­ci­pal call­ing today to talk about your 12 yo daugh­ter being your son because she has tran­si­tioned. So if you have come to com­mis­er­ate about Her­schel Walk­er you need to wake up. You need to get up and know that Octo­ber is going to be a bat­tle. Warnock is the #1 fund­ed sen­ate can­di­date in the US. We need to bring the starters in the game and wake up. Warnock is run­ning com­mer­cials where he is stand­ing in a bin of peanuts. They want to let you know that he worked on bi par­ti­san leg­is­la­tion for farm­ers. Then he is stand­ing next to rail­road tracks say­ing he worked on bipar­ti­san leg­is­la­tion to make rail­road cross­ing safer. When you go into the bal­lot box to vote, think of Warnock stand­ing next to rail­road tracks and peanuts and do you feel safer for his work on those leg­is­la­tion. While gas prices are ris­ing to 3.92 nation­al aver­age. Look up gas prices. Look up crime. 

The Octo­ber sur­pris­es are not sur­pris­es. We are ready. And they know it.
Warnock is a pas­tor who is maybe a gay pas­tor, a pro-choice pas­tor, a pas­tor that march­es in a gay pride parade. A pas­tor says that God and Jesus is pro-choice. 

If you want to save this coun­try, GA will let Warnock go back to the pul­pit where he is the false profit. 

There will be more octo­ber sur­pris­es this year than Putin has bombs to drop on Kviv. 

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