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Do Not Vote Early — Don’t Walk Into Their Plan


Joe Biden is try­ing to legal­ize mar­i­jua­na in a back­hand­ed way as he par­dons all pri­or fed­er­al offens­es of sim­ple mar­i­jua­na pos­ses­sion. 6500 fed­er­al con­vic­tions par­doned. With five states put legal­iza­tion on the ballot. 

Warnock is ok with legal­iz­ing drugs. It is a gate­way drug. We do not need our teenagers smok­ing marijuana. 

Do not vote ear­ly. They don’t know who you vot­ed for. But they know you vot­ed. They have your pre­vi­ous vot­ing record. If you have nev­er vot­ed before they go in the gray area. The peo­ple that know how to cheat they know how to read the votes. We shouldn’t have ear­ly vot­ing. The lie they tell you is eas­i­er to vote and hard­er to cheat. Ear­ly vot­ing didn’t come up or as strong until we had elec­tron­ic vot­ing in the last 20 years. If you vote ear­ly they know on elec­tion day what they have to have to alter the out­come. DO NOT VOTE EARLY. YOU’RE WALKING INTO THEIR PLAN. VOTE ON ELECTION DAY. 

Trafal­gar poll­ster sig­nals repub­li­can vot­ers will be under­count­ed again ahead of midterm. Polling doesn’t work, we don’t hang our hats on polling on this show. Polls are bro­ken and if it is close it is a repub­li­can win. Democ­rats don’t have the umphf. Democ­rats are lying on their answer with abor­tion. They want on demand abor­tion and abor­tion up to deliv­ery date and some after birth. We have had seg­ments about peo­ple not tak­ing the polls because they are scared it might be the FBI.
Fet­ter­man at 50 and Dr. Oz at 45. CNN poll is to scare you to go out and vote. Dr. Oz will win the race. In WI it is tied for gov­er­nor. Michaels will win in WI. Ron John­son will win in WI. Michaels is Trump endorsed. 

The sen­ate bat­tle grounds. We will turn AZ red. We will turn NV red. We will hold WI, OH, PA, NC, FL and we will turn GA red. We have to hold 5 and we will turn 3. You won’t be under­count­ed if you show up and vote ear­ly. If you vote ear­ly they will know the num­bers they need to pull on elec­tion day. We have to over­whelm the sys­tem on elec­tion day. 

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