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What They are Doing, What They Have Done, and What They Will do to Our Children


Stacey Abrams is bank­ing on that she can get black male vot­ers. Quest Love is the band leader on a late night show that did a video for Stacey. And hav­ing as many black males to do videos to show on tik­tok. Kelvin King will be on the show on Mon­day to dis­cuss the black male vote in GA. 

What they are doing, what they have done, and what they will do to our chil­dren. That has to be front and cen­ter, not women repro­duc­tive health­care and sav­ing the democ­ra­cy. The FDA autho­rized COVID 19 boost­er shot for kids under 12. It is not a vac­cine. We had doc­tors yelling stop stop stop and telling them to not roll out to our chil­dren. And they were shut down on social media and cen­sored. Basi­cal­ly crim­i­nal­ized peo­ple try­ing to tell the truth. We have the Flori­da sur­geon gen­er­al say­ing that the vac­cine is the cause of car­diac arrest in males. There are doc­tors com­ing out say­ing that they are treat­ing the side effects of the shot not the long term ill­ness of COVID. We must stop this on our kids. 

ACT test scores dropped to the low­est point in 30 years and 42% of stu­dents did not meet their sub­ject-spe­cif­ic require­ments for col­lege readi­ness. If kids are not the cen­ter of what we need to do on elec­tion day all hope is lost. The kids aren’t learn­ing any­thing in school. 

Now doc­tors want to screen every Amer­i­can child over the age of eight for anx­i­ety. They want to shoot some­thing in our kids with some­thing that doesn’t work. The chil­dren are dete­ri­o­rat­ing before our eyes. They want to allow our chil­dren to make a choice whether they are a boy or girl. They want to study every kid for anx­i­ety. Do you real­ize that the pan­dem­ic not only cre­at­ed a pan­dem­ic but it bol­stered a com­plete nut­case insti­tute to study your chil­dren. You know how many freaked out psy­chol­o­gists that are excit­ed to study your chil­dren. We have more peo­ple that protest the mon­keys in a cage than we do for our chil­dren. They are want­i­ng to study our kids like mon­keys in a cage. These peo­ple in white coats and labs put your kids in a con­trolled atmos­phere to study them. 

Social secu­ri­ty recip­i­ents to get the biggest cost of liv­ing increase in decades. They have to get more mon­ey because we’re in a reces­sion. Auto­mat­i­cal­ly social secu­ri­ty has to put in a cost of liv­ing increase. Who’s pay­ing for these increas­es? They are just trans­fer­ring these increas­es to the debt. Just start look­ing at the num­bers of what we are adding to our debt. Brace your­selves for what is com­ing? How much do they have to do to col­lapse this coun­try to get the infla­tion to a man­age­able level. 

Biden admin to roll out plan to man­age frlo of venezue­lan migrants. Just have an id at the bor­der ready when they get there. Pay atten­tion to this one.
A fam­i­ly that goes to insur­rec­tion togeth­er, goes to prison togeth­er. Fam­i­ly of 5 sen­tenced for storm­ing the capitol. 

143 nations vote to con­demn Rus­sia over annex­a­tions. The UN is worthless. 

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