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BKP recap of the week October 21, 2022


SB202 would sup­press the vote so bad that major league base­ball would move the All Star Game from Atlanta and move to Col­orado. Bee Nguy­gen is spend­ing mon­ey say­ing that SB202 is vot­er sup­pres­sion and you can’t have water in line. GA ear­ly vot­ing is hit­ting records num­bers. When you have mil­lions vote there will be issues that will pop up and that’s not vot­er sup­pres­sion. Abrams if you would take a brief brake on telling vot­ers that abor­tion will help infla­tion. Won­der if Sta­cy advo­cates infan­ti­cide to help inflation. 

John Fet­ter­man and Joe Biden and why did Biden go to PA yes­ter­day. Know­ing it is a dis­as­ter. How bad is it for John Fet­ter­man that was sup­pos­ed­ly up 7–8 points and now in a suit, and they had to call Tom Wolfe and Bob Casey Jr to ral­ly around John Fet­ter­man. Maybe Democ­rats in PA are break­ing for Dr. Oz. 

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