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72% Haven’t Changed. God Bless America, God Bless This Vote


They have total­ly missed the mark. Abor­tion, infla­tion and democ­ra­cy dom­i­nate as can­di­date make final appeals. 

After the elec­tion, get ready, Biden is out. On the eve of midterms, the whistle­blow­er tells inves­ti­ga­tors that Hunter and then VP Biden were part of a call to dis­cuss an online gam­bling ven­ture in Latin Amer­i­ca — with Joe ask­ing about rev­enues and talk­ing like he was chair­man of the board. 

Nov 15, Trump says he has an announce­ment from Mar-a-Lago. It won’t be a rematch between Trump and Biden. After tonight Joe has to go. So the exit strat­e­gy will begin to get him out of there before he faces charges. There will be some things that come out. 

The Supreme Court in PA says that if your bal­lot isn’t dat­ed cor­rect­ly or not filled out cor­rect­ly it is null and void. Fet­ter­man is already suing to have these bal­lots counted. 

This is the poll that nev­er changed once. 72% of peo­ple believe the coun­try is going down the wrong track. Polls have been all over the map, but the only poll that hasn’t changed in six months is the track of the coun­try. After the media has thrown at the peo­ple, the elec­tion deniers, the decreas­es in gas prices, Putin’s price hike, Sup­ply Chain Cri­sis, Roe v Wade should be Cod­i­fied, the House Race in NY that was going to be a bell­wether, KS abor­tion being on the bal­lot with the con­sti­tu­tion­al pro­pos­al, and the list continues. 

God Bless Amer­i­ca, God Bless This Vote 

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