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We Need to Ask Questions, There is Something Wrong


We are not all going to agree on some things. YOU can­not yell, elec­tion denier. You can not yell, Trump did it. If you aren’t open to real­iz­ing that you have been set up. The media wants to get you fired up and that the elec­tion said that we want tra­di­tion­al repub­li­can can­di­dates, nor­mal can­di­dates, can­di­dates that will push back on Trump. That we want can­di­dates that are not elec­tion deniers. That we need to look for­ward and focus on the future and what the par­ty needs to do to get our mes­sage out. And what we need to do to take a major­i­ty in the next senate. 

There is a rea­son for 2 weeks why every net­work and every inter­view had to push every can­di­date if they would accept the results. You had no choice but to accept the results. Now all the can­di­dates are on record and they are mov­ing out and accept­ing the results. Why was that so impor­tant? Why does know­ing the make­up of the sen­ate all focus on PA and GA? Why was there very lit­tle talk about NV? Why not a deep­er look at the state of NV? 

WE don’t need to put on our con­spir­a­cy hat, but we need to ask ques­tions. There is some­thing wrong with this elec­tion. Too much that doesn’t make sense. It is hard to find log­ic. You can’t just yell elec­tion denier and Don­ald Trump. 

Btw accord­ing to the media GA doesn’t mat­ter any­more. Won­der if that was set up? You have to read this road map and put this mys­tery together. 

Sun­day before Tues­day’s elec­tion. The arti­cles were writ­ten about the red mirage. They were prepar­ing us for a nail biter, the results would favor a cer­tain can­di­date in the begin­ning and crown anoth­er days lat­er, but that’s ok. And a week lat­er we don’t know the out­come of the gov race in AZ. There is a dif­fer­ence of 26K votes at 93% votes are count­ed. Remem­ber the 275K bal­lot dump we talked about on Thurs­day. The day of bal­lot drop off usu­al­ly goes 2 to 1 for the repub­li­cans. Those are the bal­lots that got trumps defi­cient down in AZ. Have you noticed with this bal­lot drop that Kari Lake is not clos­ing the gap? There should have been enough votes by Thurs­day to push her over the top. They can’t let Kari Lake win. And Log­ic here you want me to believe that a can­di­date that would not debate Kari Lake that would stand on a stage and audi­tion to the AZ vot­ers. You want me to believe where this race is. 60% to over take, 70K bal­lots are left and they are ear­ly vot­ing bal­lots which have favored Hobbs. Why in the end, they can find the ear­ly vot­ing that would favor the demo­c­rat. They want you to believe the biggest los­er. The oth­er day the 275K they want you to believe that only 58% went to Kari Lake. How long are we going to con­tin­ue to accept the elec­tion results in this man­ner, ear­ly vot­ing is still out a week after the fact? 

Camera’s go dark at vote count­ing facil­i­ty in key NV coun­ty. Not report­ed any­where. NV. Cortez Mas­to has a 6582 lead over Lax­alt. Mas­to say­ing I know we would prove far right repub­li­cans wrong. These 6500 votes came from the last batch of mail in bal­lots that gave Mas­to the win but not the demo­c­rat gov can­di­date the win. 

The media wants you to blame the elec­tion deniers and Don­ald Trump and you the vot­ers that vot­ed for the elec­tion denier for vot­ing for them dur­ing the pri­ma­ry. They want you to get caught up in the Bri­an Kemp, mike pence, Don­ald Trump fias­co so you don’t pay atten­tion to the last batch of ballots. 

Total ad spend­ing for the 2022 cycle was 7.6 bil­lion. Mind alter­ing media drugs to cre­ate a nar­ra­tive to sway an elec­tion to main­tain the bal­ance of pow­er. The break­down of mon­ey spent in bat­tle­ground sen­ate seats: AZ, GA, NV, NH. peo­ple didn’t reject elec­tion deniers. So called elec­tion deniers didn’t have par­ty sup­port or the mon­ey sup­port to help them win the election. 

Remem­ber it wasn’t elec­tion day in 2020. Mail-in bal­lots were cre­at­ed by Nan­cy Pelosi to steal an elec­tion. Covid is not the rea­son that 70K mail in bal­lots still need to be count­ed in AZ that will send Hobbs over the top. 

Mitch McConnell made sure that these can­di­dates were set up to fail. Mitch
McConnell doesn’t have a prob­lem with being minor­i­ty leader. They are all in cahoots. Mitch McConnell isn’t going any­where this week. Mitch McConnell said months ago that these weren’t the kind of can­di­dates that he could work with. He would rather be a minor­i­ty leader than in repub­li­can major­i­ty just as a sen­a­tor. You can­not yell Trump and elec­tion denier. There isn’t any log­ic that you can use that Fet­ter­man is the sen­a­tor for PA. We are always ana­lyz­ing so we can put up “qual­i­ty can­di­dates” and that the peo­ple want tra­di­tion­al repub­li­cans. Could Joe O’Dea be that tra­di­tion­al repub­li­can? The guy that got 36% of the votes in CO. 

$7.6 bil­lion could prob­a­bly secure our south­ern bor­der. It could prob­a­bly end home­less­ness in Amer­i­ca. $7.6 bil­lion could stop fen­tanyl com­ing across our bor­der. $7.6 bil­lion was spent on the elec­tion cycle. Here is the thing. It was all spent to bol­ster and build up lib­er­al cor­rupt deep state media, they got that mon­ey. $7.6 bil­lion dol­lars worth of pay­off for them doing their job to manip­u­late and cre­ate a nar­ra­tive that you might believe out there. 

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