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Wonder Why Our Voters Didn’t Come Out?


If you take the nar­ra­tive that has been laid out, set up and put into play, just like covid, the democ­rats know what they are doing and know how to get into posi­tion and that is exact­ly what they did. In the mind con­trol area, it ‘s not what you think hap­pened. It is what your neigh­bor thinks hap­pened that tends to be more important. 

Remem­ber the set up the week before the elec­tion Biden gives the demo­c­rat speech and Paul gets a ham­mer to the head. 

Rick Scott says our vot­ers didn’t show up and we didn’t have a pos­i­tive mes­sage. Where is our get out the vote effort mon­ey? Did we have a repub­li­can nurs­ing home team? Every­body knows that the democ­rats are the ones run­ning things. 

On elec­tion day our vot­ers didn’t show up. Every­one is blam­ing some­thing and throw­ing it on the wall see­ing if it will stick. The only out­come they will accept is putting Don­ald Trump in prison. You have a deci­sion to make. 

Her­schel Walk­er received a low­er vote share in every coun­ty than Bri­an Kemp. If you go across the top in North GA, that is the most pop­u­lat­ed area in the state (not count­ing Atlanta) and the largest repub­li­can vote in the state is the 9th and 14th dis­trict. That is where you win, that is where you over­come Atlanta, Colum­bus, Macon, Savan­nah. And if you know that, what effort was made to bring that vote in? Did the GOP of GA and the Her­schel Walk­er team and the repub­li­can par­ty Rick Scott spend mon­ey in those areas? 

Won­der why our vot­ers didn’t come out? 

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