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Crypto Currency FTX Has Collapsed And Is In Bankruptcy. What’s The Big Deal?


They want you to get caught up in the Mike Pence Don­ald Trump thing. There is rumor they are try­ing to get Don­ald Trump not to announce tomor­row and hold off until the Her­schel Walk­er race is com­plete. Ron DeSan­tis won over­whelm­ing­ly in FL. They want Trump fin­ished off. They want you to believe that Trump’s polling has fall­en. You have a choice and the choice is yours. But you have to make it. 

The first elec­tion cycle in 2020 you were led to believe that Biden won the elec­tion. They basi­cal­ly kept Joe away for a sec­ond elec­tion cycle and accord­ing to the media Joe is a big win­ner. They are writ­ing about how amaz­ing Joe is and how Amer­i­ca likes demo­c­rat poli­cies. You have to stop and think about all this stuff. They want you to believe that more peo­ple vot­ed for Joe Biden than any oth­er pres­i­dent and that he has done such an amaz­ing job over the past 2 years and that the Amer­i­can peo­ple feel that he should be award­ed with all these wins. And it looks like McCarthy and McConnell will have to explain how they have made a deal to give the illu­sion that repub­li­cans are a par­ty of get­ting things done to talk back the elec­tion in 2024. 

Your choice let them get back and allow the polit­i­cal vol­ley­ball and no more of the drain the swamp. But unless some­one can go to DC and take the knives in the back like Trump has, you will nev­er fix the cor­rup­tion in this coun­try. Either you tru­ly want to inves­ti­gate the FBI and fix the dis­as­ter in the school sys­tem or they have got­ten you to move on. They will allow us to believe their nar­ra­tive and move on and don’t touch any­thing else. 

When you have a MTG stand up and say that not anoth­er pen­ny to Ukraine and we get called Putin sym­pa­thiz­ers and we didn’t send our mon­ey to Ukraine. 

Pos­si­ble mis­con­duct in FTX cryp­to col­lapse. Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is under inves­ti­ga­tion in the Bahamas. Lost back­ers, name removed from Mia­mi Heat build­ing. What is the big deal? FTX has col­lapsed and is in bank­rupt­cy. The new CEO is the Enron CEO that han­dled Enron when it col­lapsed. Not backed by the cen­tral bank and reg­u­la­tors will be step­ping in. Ukraine invest­ed in top demo donor’s cryp­to com­pa­ny FTX as Biden admin fund­ed war effort. Zelen­skyy invest­ed our mon­ey in an unreg­u­lat­ed cryp­to cur­ren­cy. Fried is a demo­c­rat donor. The mon­ey went from the Ukraine laun­dry mats to Biden and the democ­rats. $40 mil­lion to the demo­c­rat par­ty to get out the vote. SBF sent $10 mil­lion to Joe Biden in 2020. SBF’s moth­er raised $140 mil­lion for democ­rats to get out the vote. FTX has ties to the Ukrain­ian gov­ern­ment and con­nec­tions to pow­er­ful enti­ties and indi­vid­u­als around the world. The US sends mon­ey to Ukraine and Zelen­sky sends mon­ey to FTX and FTX funds democ­rats in the elec­tion. And we sent bil­lions of dol­lars with no over­sight around the world. 

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