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The Manipulation of This Election is Absolutely Disgusting


Katie Hobbs who cam­paigns while using baby talk voice and using Joe Biden strat­e­gy. The bal­lot dump on the same day that par­al­leled the 2020 bal­lot dump that closed the gap for Don­ald Trump. In that bal­lot dump they nev­er closed the gaps in that dump. 

We are so far in the tank between demo­c­rat and repub­li­can that we don’t know how to look at things. A real sec­re­tary of state would say have we looked at what real­ly hap­pened and looked at all the scan­ners that went down etc? No baby talk Hobbs is the sec­re­tary of state in AZ and has not looked into the issues of the election. 

Liz Chaney manip­u­lat­ing the elec­tion in AZ. 

Elec­tion deniers were wiped out across the coun­try. Were they run­ning to stop the cer­ti­fi­ca­tion or were they wor­ried that they would find out the truth of what is real­ly hap­pen­ing. The media set up the nar­ra­tive that you and I are try­ing to take down the democ­ra­cy. They set up the prime­time shows. They set up the repub­li­cans. Vot­ers didn’t reject it. 

The NBC report on the Paul Pelosi attack that was scrubbed from the net­work for not meet­ing net­work stan­dards. The report indi­cates that Pelosi was pos­si­bly not injured before the police show and was not in dis­tress at the time. The reporter was sus­pend­ed for the report. We know the week before the elec­tion Paul Pelosi was about to die and this guy broke the win­dow and he was scream­ing “Where is Nan­cy”. What was that worth in votes? Fox did the sto­ry all week. All the net­works did the sto­ry 24/7 and before you went to vote that Tues­day Paul was at home from ICU. 

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