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The Smoke Is Thick With The Primetime US Select Committee On China

  • The smoke is so thick this morn­ing. We are going to clear the way and part the smoke and expose some things this morning. 
  • BKP is run­ning for 1st vice chair of the GA gop. 
  • Be care­ful on the vic­to­ry lap. The FBI direc­tor accus­es Chi­na of try­ing to thwart and obfus­cate covid ori­gin prob­lem. When MSNBC reports some­thing that we have known for some time we are to be cau­tious. This is the FBI that manip­u­lat­ed an elec­tion and came up with the Russ­ian Col­lu­sion Delu­sion. The net­works are broad­cast­ing that the sto­ry is as though it was just dis­cov­ered. They will nev­er admit or see or say what we know with­out a rea­son for them to do it. It is not because they are on board with expos­ing the deep state. 
  • Why now? CNN MSNBC report­ed that covid came from Wuhan lab. 
  • House com­mit­tee on chi­na com­pe­ti­tion holds first hear­ing. This was a select com­mit­tee on Chi­na in prime­time. Chi­na is the bad guy. Chi­na is where we got covid. Tik­tok has been the Chi­nese spy bal­loon for who knows how long. Chi­na has been buy­ing farm land for years and they just found out that they are buy­ing next to mil­i­tary installations. 
  • They are pro­gram­ming us to hate Chi­na. We don’t want a con­flict with Chi­na but it was a bipar­ti­san agree­ment that Chi­na is bad. 
  • As we go into We hate Chi­na mode as a coun­try, don’t for­get it’s Chi­na that sent us the virus. As they are ask­ing for stu­dent loan debt relief, and food stamps are get­ting reduced this week. And as we have put our kids in lock­down and increased the men­tal health of our kids because of the lock­downs from covid. 
  • One name that has­n’t been men­tioned in all this is Dr. Fau­ci. It wasn’t long ago that if you talked about gain of func­tion research it was shut down. 
  • We are look­ing for lead­er­ship in the 2024 Pres­i­den­tial elec­tion. Trump knew all along that the virus came from Wuhan, Putin want­ed to go into Ukraine, and Ger­many made a huge mis­take putting all their ener­gy with Rus­sia. But in 2020 they let mil­lions of peo­ple die and let you go into WWIII and let this coun­try go into the crap­per as long as they keep Trump out. 
  • Fau­ci backed british virol­o­gist Peter Daszak shares russ­ian study that sug­gests covid came from a hedge­hog… son­ic the hedgehog??

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