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Media Spinning Election: Watch Out Biden Here comes RFK Jr., a Kennedy Democrat

  • We have watched the media spin the elec­tion. Will Biden run? When is he going to announce? Is he out? And where does he stack up against Don­ald Trump? Then we hear about Joe Manchin. RFK Jr launch­es his 24 pres­i­den­tial bid in Boston. If you look at the peo­ple in the crowd you will see peo­ple like Dr. Malone. 
  • JFK real­ized that the CIA lied to him and GWBush the CIA lied. We keep feed­ing the mil­i­tary com­plex. The only thing that result­ed in tril­lions of dol­lars spent is the col­lapse of the mid­dle class in Amer­i­ca. What we are being told about the war in Ukraine is not true. 
  • The con­sti­tu­tion was built for hard times. 
  • We need a pres­i­dent that can stand up to the bureau­cra­cy. Trump had the right instincts. Trump orig­i­nal­ly was not going to shut down the coun­try, but he got rolled. 
  • We don’t have fair mar­ket cap­i­tal­ism. We have cor­po­rate crony cap­i­tal­ism, where the rules are writ­ten by bil­lion­aires and incum­bents and large cor­po­ra­tions to stack the deck against the mid­dle class. We have a gov­ern­ment today that is scared of it’s peo­ple. And I say to this, if peo­ple want integri­ty, they should vote for me. If peo­ple want to pro­tect the Con­sti­tu­tion, they should vote for me. If peo­ple think that the Bill of Rights is still rel­e­vant, they need to vote for me. Give me a sword. I need an army and it can’t be just the Par­ty. It needs Democ­rats, REpub­li­cans, and Inde­pen­dents. I won’t pre­tend to agree with you on every posi­tion. But I would make Amer­i­ca a safe place to debate your posi­tions and I will give you an ear and open mind. 

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