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Fetterman rejects OZ offer to hold first debate, calling concessions insulting


They are going to con­sid­er us insen­si­tive for doing the ogre theme. Fet­ter­man rejects OZ offer to hold first debate, calls lists of con­ces­sions insult­ing. The deep state cor­po­rate cor­rupt media is cam­paign­ing for Fet­ter­man in PA. they are attack­ing Dr. Oz every­day. It is pos­si­ble they may give up on GA and shift the mon­ey to PA. To do a debate, Oz offers to pay for addi­tion­al med­ical per­son­nel Fet­ter­man needs. And at any point Fet­ter­man can take a break at any time dur­ing the debate. He will be allowed all his notes and ear pieces so he can have the staff give him infor­ma­tion real time. The media has hit back and they are car­ry­ing Fetterman’s water. Fet­ter­men releas­es a let­ter say­ing he will con­sid­er a pro­duc­tive dis­cus­sion when Dr. Oz takes this seri­ous­ly. What does Fet­ter­man want to dis­cuss: let­ting a third of the prison pop­u­la­tion free, legal­iz­ing all drugs, how far left do you want to go Bernie Sanders? 

The media is spout­ing all the Biden wins and the extrem­ism of Trump. The words that will break through to inde­pen­dents. Who’s’ side are you on? They want to attack Amer­i­cans over and over. It’s the fight for an inde­pen­dent vote. 

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