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A model Republican and a “dangerous” MAGA


BKP gets per­son­al. There are areas that BKP does not touch on. But Pol­i­tics is what BKP knows, BKP can read the tea leaves. He has been study­ing the media for decades. Expect a seg­ment soon of how to join the repub­li­can par­ty. BKP goes into the his­to­ry of his fam­i­ly and the repub­li­can party. 

We are going to talk about the good tran­si­tion from demo­c­rat to repub­li­can next week. The estab­lish­ment will hate it. How repub­li­can is MAGA. The attack is on MAGA. They want you to believe the author­i­ties, Lar­ry Hogan, Karl Rove, and the like. We refuse to sit here and allow Joe Biden and the estab­lish­ment, the repub­li­can they are ok with. MAGA is con­sid­ered dan­ger­ous because we are against cor­rup­tion, we believe in two gen­ders, and that mar­riage is between a man and a woman. We are dan­ger­ous because we don’t believe a tree is god and that the sun god will warm us for the win­ter and the god of wind that will turn the pro­pellers on the wind­mills. We are extreme. We believe you should not indoc­tri­nate our chil­dren but your chil­dren should be taught read­ing, writ­ing and math. We think our chil­dren should pray. Think about what they think is ok. Think about what Joe Biden is going to say about the Soul of Amer­i­ca. MAGA is not a bad thing. Par­ents should have the rights and should not be con­sid­ered the parental beings over chil­dren or birthing par­ent. We under­stand what we are fight­ing for in America. 

If you are tun­ing into FOX news and leav­ing the tv on for 10–12 hours a day you are not par­tic­i­pat­ing and this is not your con­tri­bu­tion to Mak­ing Amer­i­ca Great Again. #Cor­po­rate­Cor­rupt­Media includes FOX news. If you’re watch­ing Karl Rove and Steve Doocy you are part of the prob­lem. FOX news is estab­lish­ment. BKP is MAGA. 

There is a repub­li­can par­ty meet­ing tonight and the theme is “How to talk to a lib­er­al”. BKP wants to talk to you on why your still watch­ing non­sense like FOX news and not get­ting out there helping. 

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