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Illegals getting shipped all over the Country as Americans are dealing with record inflation


The ille­gals are get­ting dropped off all over the coun­try. DeSan­tis takes a page out of Greg Abbot­t’s book and sends 2 planes to Marth’s Vine­yard. They are try­ing to keep this qui­et. The plane flew from San Anto­nio to FL then to Mass. What we don’t spend enough time doing is ask­ing the ques­tion, Where are they? They have the may­or of Chica­go and may­or of NY are explod­ing now send­ing the ille­gals to their cities. You think they aren’t in GA. Why isn’t there any media high­light of how many in GA and where are they going. The gov­ern­ment isn’t telling the peo­ple where the ille­gals are going. Rumors are that there are 2 bus­es com­ing today. Some have been sent to Kamala’s neigh­bor­hood. They are sleep­ing in the streets in El Paso. 

Infla­tion is hit­ting dem run cities hard­est. Phoenix is ris­ing to 13%, Atlanta is 11.7% rise and Tam­pa increas­es to 11.2%. This is why they don’t want to debate. They don’t want the side-by-side and ques­tions about infla­tion that they can’t answer. Kel­ly in AZ can’t stand on the stage that the Infla­tion Reduc­tion Act that he vot­ed for isn’t doing any­thing for AZ. 

Rand Paul GOTCHA moment as he plays a 2004 Fau­ci video about nat­ur­al immu­ni­ty. Antho­ny Fau­ci should be incar­cer­at­ed. Democ­rats have doc­tors and nurs­es doing com­mer­cials on abor­tions. While there are respect­ed doc­tors across this coun­try say­ing they are treat­ing more side effects from covid vac­cine than from the virus itself. We can’t go back­wards when it comes to vac­cines in this coun­try. There are sev­er­al things we have erad­i­cat­ed or have under con­trol due to the vac­cines. What Antho­ny Fau­ci has done in Amer­i­ca he has reversed the con­fi­dence lev­el of vac­cines in this coun­try. And call­ing the COVID shot a vac­cine and push­ing it on our chil­dren call­ing it a vac­cine, it has pushed us so far back. 

Kamala Har­ris is talk­ing about cli­mate change and the cri­sis. The admin­is­tra­tion is invest­ing $370B for cli­mate change along with oth­er mon­ey stolen from the tax­pay­er. Joe Biden on day one nixed the XL pipeline. John Podes­ta, who is in charge of the $370B, has ties to dem mega swiss donor qui­et­ly becomes an influ­en­tial force in putting democ­rats back in the White House with hard to trace money. 

On the View, Stacey Abrams says that she has nev­er denied los­ing the election. 

What are they try­ing to change the sub­ject too. We have done a good job every­day cov­er­ing what needs to be focused on to stay on track to win in Novem­ber. Ben­nie Thomp­son has secret ser­vice evi­dence to deter­mine if Don­ald Trump grabbed the steer­ing wheel. New details in the doj inves­ti­ga­tion of jef­frey clark. The walls are clos­ing in. every­day it seems like some­thing is pil­ing on. Trump went to his golf course out­side of DC and the spec­u­la­tion ran ram­pant as he had a meet­ing at the golf course. Let’s see what hap­pens in OH on Sat­ur­day. They want to talk about abor­tion. Remem­ber that Biden saved you from the rail­road strike. Putin and XI are going to meet face to face in Uzbek­istan. They want you to believe every­day they are run­ning that Ukraine is run­ning the tables on Putin. Rus­sia finds a part­ner with Sau­di Ara­bia. The Saud­is qui­et­ly put 600M into Rus­sia. While Biden is over there kiss­ing the king beg­ging for oil, they are trad­ing with Rus­sia. Sau­di Ara­bia dou­bles imports from Rus­sia to free up the Sau­di oil to sell to oth­ers. Biden may buy oil just below $80/barrell while Trump was bashed for want­i­ng to fill the reserves at $24/barrel. Mark Mead­ows to com­ply with the Jan 6 sub­poe­na. The Num­ber of law­mak­ers in con­gress over 70 years old is up to 23%. 

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