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Rand Paul backed the elf on the shelf. In the med­ical world, there is data out for a while. There is a new vac­cine out that has only been test­ed on rats. Oth­er coun­tries have done a bet­ter job at data than the US. SAEs are out there and not only are they not shar­ing the infor­ma­tion with the pub­lic but they aren’t shar­ing with the physi­cians. This is the NIH and CDC are cov­er­ing up the infor­ma­tion. Last week the CDC said they were not doing stud­ies. They have admit­ted wrong­do­ing. Why were they not doing the stud­ies that they said they were doing? In the EU they have released a study on young peo­ple hav­ing myocardi­tis after being vac­ci­nat­ed. Den­mark is ban­ning the vac­cine for peo­ple under 50 years. The CDC needs to get the data out and stop cov­er­ing up. The reports com­ing out of Israel are being sup­pressed. The peo­ple that need to be pun­ished are the ones that are cov­er­ing up. 

In every aspect of med­i­cine, you give peo­ple the risk and ben­e­fits. In this sit­u­a­tion with COVID we were not giv­ing the risks and ben­e­fits it is total­i­tar­i­an, forc­ing you to get the shot. 

We all have grand­chil­dren, our med­ical indus­try has done an amaz­ing job erad­i­cat­ing and con­trol­ling dis­eases. Mother’s take it very seri­ous­ly in what shots the doc­tors are giv­ing their kids. Now the COVID vac­cine has increased vac­cine hesitancy. 

There was a stan­dard of integri­ty and a time when peo­ple spoke the truth. And the stan­dard way was sur­round­ing your­self with the truth speak­ers. Now we have this thing going on where peo­ple are just say­ing what they need to say and mak­ing up excus­es for lying about it. It is a dif­fer­ent world where there are peo­ple in high places where they are lying and there aren’t any con­se­quences for the lying. The lev­el of trust is gone because lying is now ok. When peo­ple found out that you were lying your stan­dard of liv­ing was inter­rupt­ed dras­ti­cal­ly. Part of lying is cov­er­ing up infor­ma­tion espe­cial­ly when it harms peo­ple. There are coun­tries where it is not legal to give this vac­cine to children. 

Nat­ur­al immu­ni­ty is bet­ter than vac­ci­nat­ed immu­ni­ty and no one is even con­sid­er­ing it. This past week Sen­a­tor Rand Paul is not tak­ing his foot off the neck of Dr. Fauci. 

There is an arti­cle today in the Epoch Times, a lady was forced to adhere to the hos­pi­tal pro­to­cols because she had COVID. The hos­pi­tal changed the records of the patient from DNR to resus­ci­tate. The hos­pi­tals get more mon­ey for a patient treat­ment with COVID. There was a per­verse finan­cial incen­tive to diag­nose COVID. They have been lying to the patients about COVID 

How do we get out of this world of lying? Some­how we need to rein­force or rein­state that lying is a career end­ing, friend end­ed rela­tion­ship end­ing sce­nario. Fau­ci has been caught in so many lies and he is say­ing he will retire on his own time. NO this is not acceptable. 

It con­cerns the kids that have been affect­ed by the COVID pan­dem­ic. Most of the pedi­a­tri­cians that came out say­ing how back the treat­ment was going to be on the chil­dren from COVID and they were total­ly ignored. And now there is a study and we are act­ing like we were total­ly caught off guard. The peo­ple that are now look­ing at the data need to admit the issues and not con­tin­ue the same pro­ce­dures. And what needs to be done is stud­ies to see if there is per­ma­nent loss of lan­guage skills because of the use of masks around chil­dren. And Fau­ci is not account­able for the side effects and the neg­a­tive effects on chil­dren. Why is he not account­able for it? 

What moti­vat­ed Lind­sey Gra­ham to come out before an elec­tion and bring the abor­tion thing up. Where did the mag­ic 15 week come up. And the democ­rats are say­ing see we told you it would be a nation­al issue. There is a push to prove that democ­rats will not accept any ban. That a demo­c­rat will say it is a med­ical deci­sion between the patient and their doc­tor. Lind­say Gra­ham is try­ing to say that democ­rats will not give you any ban. Sup­pos­ed­ly 15 weeks is when the fetus will feel pain. At 6 weeks the heart­beat will be detect­ed. Gra­ham is say­ing that most Amer­i­cans will be ok with the ban at 15 weeks. This issue should be dis­cussed in the states. WE have no con­cept of where life is or the con­cept of life. At the moment of con­cep­tion there is a spark at the mol­e­c­u­lar lev­el. What gives you the right to squash that. We are no longer wor­ried about over­pop­u­la­tion. We are work­ing in Amer­i­ca and we are not pro­duc­ing like we should. We are under 2.1 kids per fam­i­ly. In Chi­na they have 120 men for every 100 women. There are 20 men that will nev­er know what it is like to have a fam­i­ly. What will that do to a society? 

Fet­ter­man has a mas­sive hump on the back of his neck. If some­one is run­ning for office they need to prove to the pub­lic they are fit to be office. There is a piece of his­to­ry. At the end of Wilson’s pres­i­den­cy he had a stroke and his wife was run­ning the office. They aren’t address­ing the issue if there is some­one run­ning the office due to the pres­i­dent not being capa­ble. If you are aware the per­son is inca­p­a­sitat­ed to do the job and some­one steps in to do the job. Where isn’t any­one step­ping for­ward and address­ing the issue of Biden’s con­di­tion? We have a com­pro­mised president. 

In Mar-a-Lago, the spe­cial mas­ter has stopped the DOJ. when the DOJ want­ed to release their infor­ma­tion in Octo­ber. The spe­cial mas­ter will release the find­ings on Novem­ber 30. 

Hunter Biden is a smoke screen. To get the base whipped up. 

Wyse has been influ­enc­ing our elec­tions for decades. And Podes­ta is back in the White House with ties to Wyse. 

Seri­ous folks need to go find the infor­ma­tion and research for the infor­ma­tion. And reject the liars. 

Why isn’t the media not ask­ing the ques­tions of Biden like they did to Trump? Ask­ing him ques­tions everyday. 

No one walks with their hands straight down and mouths open. Our pres­i­dent has demen­tia. There are ups and downs to demen­tia. There are moments when Joe is down, that is the rea­son for all the vaca­tions. Why aren’t they doing any­thing about it? 

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