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Up Close and Personal Reporting from Florida, Hurricane Ian Devastation


Up close and per­son­al report­ing from Flori­da and the dev­as­ta­tion from Hur­ri­cane Ian 

Biden is going to Puer­to Rico before head­ing to Flori­da. They can’t make Biden look bad. And that puts them in a cor­ner against DeSantis. 

It is inter­est­ing that Kamala wants equi­ty in dis­tri­b­u­tion of FEMA funds but does­n’t seem to care about the low­est eco­nom­ic com­mu­ni­ty when it comes to inflation. 

Rus­sia goes across the bor­der and invades. While our south­ern bor­der Biden is up to 5 mil­lion com­ing across our bor­der. Did Rus­sia send 5 mil­lion in? Now the democ­rats say to turn them all into dish­wash­ers and laun­dry ser­vants in these hotels, why they could be work­ers. They have an inva­sion and a sham elec­tion in Rus­sia. We had an inva­sion on our south­ern bor­der and we had a sham elec­tion and brought in a Pres­i­dent. They are invad­ing a coun­ty and we are being invaded. 

They want to talk about build­ing codes, build­ing codes, build­ing codes. If you have a home that was built to hur­ri­cane specs it is still stand­ing. And if you have a home and this tree fell on your house, your house is smashed. The dev­as­ta­tion you see is with mobile homes. There are thou­sands that want to retire to FL and can’t afford the pri­vate home and the expen­sive con­do, some of those com­mu­ni­ties are very very nice. 

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