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Women Didn’t Follow the Abortion Road


Let’s enjoy where we are and not get com­fort­able. NOw inde­pen­dent women went from a +14 for democ­rats to a +18 for Repub­li­cans. The gener­ic bal­lot shows Repub­li­cans are at +2.2. View­ers called BKP about elec­tion audits from 2020 and ask­ing who to call. BKP says no one will talk to you until after the elec­tion. We can not cap­i­tal­ize on any inves­ti­ga­tion until after the Repub­li­cans take the house and sen­ate. IF on NOv 8 we don’t take back the house and sen­ate it is irrel­e­vant. in 2010 Repub­li­cans were +8.2.

That is when the tea par­ty came into action and we over­whelmed DC. now they say R+2.2, what is the dif­fer­ence? In 2010 peo­ple answered the tele­phone and they were eager to tell the oth­er per­son on the phone they were going to vote. Now in 2022 peo­ple are in fear. They don’t answer the phone, they don’t put out yard signs, they don’t show pub­lic sup­port because of the fear. Peo­ple are afraid. 

On the demo­c­rat side the polling shows, Lax­alt in NV is the only one up and it looks like NV will flip repub­li­can. Most polls will tell you the mar­gin of error is 4.2% and it doesn’t put Kel­ly too far from a sta­tis­ti­cal tie with Mas­ters in AZ. The fact that Katie Hobbs won’t debate Kari Lake for AZ Gov­er­nor is a plus for Blake Mas­ters, who knocked it out of the park in his debate with Kel­ly for Sen­ate in AZ. 

There is hell to be paid in the Warnock cam­paign. They spend $70M and can’t get rid of Her­schel Walk­er. Guess who showed up at Her­schel Walker’s pep ral­ly with Han­ni­ty last night, sev­er­al sher­iffs. They didn’t go up to Her­schel to con­fis­cate the badge, they went to get pic­tures with Herschel. 

Polling on the repub­li­can side shows that OH, NC, WI, and FL are safe and Fet­ter­man will flip the seat. Fet­ter­man cam­paign was up 8.7 weeks ago and not with­in the mar­gin of error. 

Abrams and Kemp debate was last night along with JD Vance and Tim Ryan in OH and Mike Lee and McMullin in UT. Next week will be Dr Oz and Fet­ter­man in PA. Oz will demol­ish Fet­ter­man. Media report­ing that the kemp abrams debate was a spar. It was not. Kemp is in a safe zone. Ear­ly vot­ing has start­ed in GA with a steady turnout and enthu­si­asm on the Repub­li­can side. The lib­er­tar­i­an Shane Hazel did the sparing. 

It did not work to get women to go down a road on abor­tion. And when it comes to infla­tion, the democ­rats don’t have an answer for it. Democ­rats are look­ing for a moti­vat­ing fac­tors they put a lot of faith into the abor­tion fac­tor. They can’t give an answer on infla­tion, they don’t know what to say. It is the econ­o­my stupid. 

Folks the econ­o­my and infla­tion are the #1 issue. This is a sit­ting sen­a­tor in GA and he wants to be re-elect­ed. And when asked, what about infla­tion he can’t answer. Warnock the sil­ver tongued, slum­lord warnock can’t can­swer. If you have to go back to pan­dem­ic, when you say pan­dem­ic you dreg up every thought a moth­er had dur­ing a pan­dem­ic, every memory. 

Democ­rats are hit­ting the pan­ic but­ton and they have a break glass in case of emergency. 

CNN want­ed to talk about Stacey Abrams com­ments. There wasn’t a clash last night. Abrams says that her broth­er was pulled over “Dri­ving while Black”, she was beg­ging for con­fronta­tion last night. They were hop­ing for a spar and a clash last night. The actu­al clash last night was from Shane Hazel. Stacey Abrams for black men to vote for her and going to black Hol­ly­wood men to cre­ate videos with her and for her. If you lis­tened to the media you would believe that the peo­ple in GA are liv­ing in fear. He has weak­ened gun laws. No sta­tis­tics show an increase in crime, mrud­er and gun use due to pass­ing con­sti­tu­tion­al car­ry laws. The vot­ers don’t feel the dan­ger. Noth­ing Stacey Abrams does is stick­ing. Shane Hazel is polling right now at 2%. There is a mar­gin of error of 4.2% in this poll. 5% is unde­cid­ed. Hazel’s goal is to force this into a runoff. How many Trump sup­port­ers will feel that Kemp betrayed him will nev­er vote for Kemp again. The opin­ion is that Kemp is so pop­u­lar around sub­ur­ban Atlanta and he knows that. Kemp is very cau­tious where he goes in North GA so that there aren’t any videos of peo­ple yelling at him. 

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