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“Ain’t too Proud to Beg” — Democrat Theme Song


The theme song for the democ­rats should be “Ain’t too proud to beg” they are beg­ging you to accept what they think is impor­tant. They are try­ing to get you to accept their group think­ing that they forced through the pan­dem­ic. They are hop­ing that the train­ing of stand­ing in a straight line, going in the right direc­tion worked. 

Noth­ing is stick­ing to Her­schel Walk­er. Her­schel Walk­er doesn’t explain, talk , or act like a politi­cian. He is get­ting more trac­tion from Warnock claim­ing to be a pas­tor and being part of a hous­ing com­plex that is evict­ing peo­ple out of their homes. They had all this break on Her­schel Walk­er and it was a set up with his son’s reac­tion. If and when Her­schel wins, alle­ga­tions of abor­tion will teater on bril­liance. In GA, the peo­ple of GA know that God part­ed the Red Sea and then there is Her­schel Walk­er. One of the best things Her­schel has going for him is that GA is num­ber one and they can’t lose between now and the elec­tion. Her­schel is a dawg and GA is num­ber one. 

The badge, badge„ badge. Her­schel has been attacked because of the badge. Video played by the Sher­iff giv­ing him the badge. 

Turnout on the first day of GA ear­ly vot­ing broke midterm records, only about 3000 votes off the record on the 2020 first day of elec­tions. The peo­ple in north ga in rur­al ga are anx­ious to go vote for Her­shel Walk­er. The lat­est poll shows the GA Sen­ate race is tied. The warnock cam­paign are going nuts over this poll. They are angry. They are hav­ing strate­gic meet­ings won­der­ing what they are going to do. They have spent 70 mil­lion dol­lars to get rid of Her­schel Walk­er. They haven’t had the big Octo­ber Sur­pris­es with JD Vance, OH and Mehmet Oz, PA or Blake Mas­ters, AZ. And now they have spent 70 mil­lion dol­lars to have a poll that is tied. If you are in GA and you have a com­put­er IP address and you can’t sign on to a web­site with­out see­ing an attack ad on Her­schel Walk­er. Her­schel Walk­er will win GA but it may go to a runoff. The win­ner of the runoff is the can­di­date that can get their vot­ers back to the polls. Trust me Her­schel Walk­er vot­ers will go back to the polls. No attack will stick to Her­schel Walker. 

Joe Biden spells out D‑O-T from the teleprompter while recit­ing web address­es dur­ing speech. 

The strate­gic petro­le­um reserve is only to be used in the time of cri­sis. WE are in a cre­at­ed cri­sis by the Biden admin­is­tra­tion. We are only to use in an unfore­seen cri­sis not a self inflict­ed cri­sis. The strate­gic petro­le­um reserve is not being released to ben­e­fit you. 

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