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It’s Abortion, Not Inflation, Bacon, Gas, Heating


Durham used this tri­al to expose the cor­rup­tion of the FBI. We have to put the peo­ple in place to fur­ther the cor­rup­tion of the FBI. 

#slum­lord­warnock They spent 70 mil­lion dol­lars and it flipped on them. The AJC, an apart­ment build­ing, takes cen­ter stage in the GA Sen­ate race. Colum­bia Tow­er at MLK Vil­lage is owned by a for-prof­it enti­ty with ties to Warnock and Ebenez­er Bap­tist Church. They are the par­ty that is sup­posed to love the poor. Schnider says that San Fran either has a real­ly bad home­less prob­lem or the most suc­cess­ful camp­ing sites in the Unit­ed States. 

They want to tell you that repub­li­cans are the bad guys. Insur­rec­tion, jan 6 may issue a sub­poe­na to Trump today. They want you to real­ize that democ­ra­cy is at risk and repub­li­cans are elec­tion deniers. They are beg­ging you to pick up the repub­li­cans are bad and if you give them the keys to the house it is bad. We have to cau­tion our­selves, it seems the media is throw­ing in the tow­el. Politi­co Sam Stein, say­ing that the democ­rats that keep harp­ing on the elec­tion deniers while the vot­ers are more con­cerned with the infla­tion may seem out of touch with voters. 

In MI, abor­tion is on the bal­lot but econ­o­my is top issue. The vot­ers are con­cerned about infla­tion and prices of gro­ceries and gas. A Politi­co poll said 53% say the econ­o­my will get worse. And Infla­tion is at 80%. There will be some wins in dis­tricts that will sur­prise the democ­rats. Maybe NH will turn red. They could loose races that could be so shock­ing. Democ­rats are in total pan­ic that they will lose races that they could nev­er dream of. ABC poll say­ing that peo­ple believe that repub­li­cans can han­dle the econ­o­my bet­ter. While Biden is out there say­ing that if he gets the house and sen­ate back his very first bill will be to cod­i­fy Roe v Wade. if democ­rats want­ed to cod­i­fy Roe v Wade they could have done it when Oba­ma was in office. If they want­ed to cod­i­fy Roe he could have got­ten in front of the SCOTUS and done it when he first went into office. Abor­tion can’t get out of sin­gle digits. 

When Roe v Wade was over­turned by the Dobbs deci­sion. Repub­li­cans can no longer say they are pro-life they will have to be pro-life. Repub­li­cans need to be pro life. Now we have the oppor­tu­ni­ty and respon­si­bil­i­ty to care for pre­ma­ture babies and moth­ers that are expect­ing. You can’t say you are pro life if you ask a moth­er in a low income sit­u­a­tion that you aren’t will­ing to care for the moth­er while car­ry­ing the baby. Amer­i­cans under­stood when Her­schel Walk­er said there is a baby in the room. 

Why don’t the democ­rats won’t say what cod­i­fy­ing Roe would look like? What are the pro­vi­sions? Would you cod­i­fy it word for word? Why did democ­rats have a bill that said it was accept­able to have an abor­tion up until the day of birth. Democ­rats say it is not for them to decide, it is up to the woman and her doc­tor. Biden makes a promise on abor­tion rights. You see, you need to think in line with what the democ­rats think is impor­tant. For­get the price of bacon. Its’ abor­tion. It’s not a gal­lon of milk its abo­ri­on. It’s not a gal­lon of gas it’s abor­tion. Its’ not the cost to heat your home it’s abor­tion. I don’t care if the price of turkey is up 73% it’s abortion. 

The democ­rats don’t have a prob­lem with Roe being over­turned. With it going back to the states they can now do things that they weren’t able to do before. It’s not total about abor­tion it’s what they can add into the bill. Abor­tion is on the bal­lot in MI. Mi is hid­ing a child’s con­sti­tu­tion­al right to gen­i­tral ampu­ta­tion in its abor­tion amendment. 

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