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Another Reason Paul’s Attack was Perfect Timing — Polls aren’t Looking Good for Dems


Top issues among reg­is­tered vot­ers, econ­o­my 28% and infla­tion 22%. They are a ner­vous wreck. They might all go red. 58% repub­li­cans and 34% democ­rats think the coun­try is out of con­trol. 79% think it is out of control. 

Abor­tion the graph­ic shows the red states are the ones that have ceased but it is not true because GA has a heart­beat law. Bri­an Kemp was asked last night if he would sign more restric­tive leg­is­la­tion. Not push­ing Stacey Abrams if she would put any para­me­ters on abortion. 

Lets remem­ber when Roe v Wade was the law of the land, it had para­me­ters via­bil­i­ty of the baby. Abor­tion should not be used as a form of birth con­trol. It was to allow states to enact their rules on abor­tion. We know the democ­rats don’t want to cod­i­fy Roe. It’s laugh­able. It’s a wish list that they want. And what they want would go lightyears beyond Roe. They know it is econ­o­my and abor­tion is not going like they want. 

The repub­li­can house split. Emmer from MI. Lat­est house esti­mate of what they think right now accord­ing to polling repub­li­cans should be up 228 to 207. There is a pos­si­bil­i­ty that the house goes 238 to 197 if the GOP turnout edge grows, this would allow peel-off votes. 

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