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Sunday morning spin on Nancy Pelosi’s Husband


The Sun­day morn­ing spin on Nan­cy Pelosi’s Hus­band on video. Paul Pelosi attack­er is still in jail in San Fran­cis­co. They want to strength­en the pro­tec­tion for elect­ed offi­cials. It is hard to move the coun­try for­ward with­out a base set of facts for the experts to agree on. They want all the social media and net­works to have a base set of their facts, their nar­ra­tive. This is not going to work unless we have a base set of facts. Elec­tion deniers may be fuel­ing the lat­est assaults. They auto­mat­i­cal­ly assume that it was due to elec­tion denial and social media increas­ing the threats. Their hope is that some­thing could get you to break from get­ting you to put infla­tion over what they say is trou­bling our nation. They want you to believe that infla­tion is some­thing we will get through but they want you to think that if we don’t have a coun­try then we can’t come back from inflation. 

They ran the nar­ra­tive on Jan 6 into the ground and didn’t get any­where with it. They thought that they could get you to say our coun­try is more impor­tant than infla­tion, economy. 

DHS releas­es a state­ment on Domes­tic Polit­i­cal Vio­lence Events the day of the Pelosi attack. Every demo­c­rat guest took an oppor­tu­ni­ty to use this. 

Klobuchar in the same sen­tence express­es her sym­pa­thy for the Pelosi’s while attack­ing the MAGA extrem­ist can­di­dates and Don­ald Trump. Telling vot­ers not to allow elec­tion deniers into our polit­i­cal sys­tem. Near­ly 200 repub­li­can nom­i­nees nation­wide are elec­tion deniers, 67% like­ly to win. The media has to de-esca­late the sit­u­a­tion, to get elect­ed lead­ers to de-esca­late or get the tech com­pa­nies to stop ampli­fy­ing the garbage. Klobuchar said not to vote for an elec­tion denier and don’t lis­ten to Don­ald Trump. Equat­ing Elec­tion Denial to Hate speech. Her plan to stop the 1. Go after the per­pe­tra­tor that com­mit­ted the vio­lence, 2. Get more secu­ri­ty for elec­tion offi­cials, 3. Don’t elect more elec­tion deniers, 4. We have to do some­thing about this elec­tion deny­ing hate speech on the inter­net. They have to get every­one on the base set of facts to run with, did you hear this nonsense? 

Mid Term threat lev­els with domes­tic polit­i­cal vio­lence on the rise. The threats have dou­bled since 2017. 

Biden said that this talk is pro­duc­ing the violence. 

Nan­cy Pelosi’s hus­band got hit in the head with a ham­mer and it has made it all the way to vot­ing. You are not allowed to ques­tion this. The glass, how he got in, how he got the ham­mer, noth­ing what­so­ev­er. He was look­ing for Nan­cy but the web­site that he sup­pos­ably runs posts start­ed months ago. And the post are close to anti-Semitic. 

The tem­per­a­ture is up and they have to blame Don­ald Trump. “There is a tiny pos­si­bil­i­ty there might be more to this sto­ry than meets the eye,” says Elon Musk. We know that Paul is a drunk, he just got charged with a DUI. This could be Paul tak­ing one for the team. WE don’t know how far the democ­rats will go to retain power. 

What they don’t want to talk about. Vio­lent Crime Rate up 30% since 2019. 46% say repub­li­cans make them feel saver vs 30% for democrats. 

We do not know any details what­so­ev­er on the Pelosi sto­ry. There isn’t a damn thing true about this sto­ry. They have bright lights, great cam­era shots and not one of them telling the damn truth. All the media out­lets are try­ing to manip­u­late an elec­tion to get you to move emo­tion­al in a direc­tion to vote a dif­fer­ent way because some 82 year old who might be gay got hit in the head with a hammer. 

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