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The Debt Ceiling Crisis in America is a Hoax

  • Joe Biden at the G7 with Zelen­sky. WE have approved anoth­er 300 Bil­lion in Mil­i­tary aid. 
  • There is no debt ceil­ing cri­sis in Amer­i­ca. There is a cri­sis that Adam Schiff should be in prison today. There is a cri­sis to clear the court cal­en­dar to pro­ce­dure Adam Schiff, Christo­pher Wray and Mer­rick Garland. 
  • GA pros­e­cu­tor indi­cates charges in Trump elec­tion probe could come in ear­ly August. She tells the courts to clear the cal­en­dar for August. 
  • Biden teas­es 14th Amend­ment author­i­ty on debt ceil­ing. The 14th amend­ment was writ­ten to make sure the civ­il war debts would be paid and the south­ern states under­stood there was a con­sti­tu­tion­al issue that the debts would be paid. There isn’t a war debt that has to be paid. And the debt that we owe there is mon­ey to pay that. There is no need for the 14th amendment. 
  • Kemp will not be in Colum­bus on June 10th. But Bri­an Mar­ty and the girls are in Israel. 
  • We are send­ing f‑16s to Ukraine. Why are we send­ing it now? Bakhmut has fall­en. The G7, Zelen­sky was there to fig­ure out who the chi­na deal was going to go down and how he was going to sur­ren­der. BKP opin­ion. Zelen­sky said that when Bakhmut falls it would be the end. 
  • McCarthy says FBI Direc­tor Christ­pher Wray will hand over doc­u­ments that Rep James Com­er claims out­lines a crim­i­nal bribery scheme involv­ing Pres­i­dent Biden and a for­eign nation­al. This is the cri­sis in Amer­i­ca, not the debt ceil­ing. The FBI whistle­blow­ers, the IRS team that has been fired from the Hunter Biden inves­ti­ga­tion by Mer­rick Gar­land, the Durham Report. 
  • NYC May­or Eric Adams calls for migrants to be sent to EVERY US city as Big Apple becomes over­whelmed with more than a thou­sand new arrivals dai­ly after the end of Title 42. 5 mil­lion have crossed the bor­der. They are asy­lum seek­ers, no they are law­break­ers. 1.5 mil­lion is the num­ber we are giv­en that have got­ten away. Where are they? And they lead you to believe they are from cen­tral Amer­i­ca or Mex­i­co. But Eric Adams is upset. 
  • Tur­moil in Pak­istan. For­mer PM Khan Gov­ern­ment doing all it can to dis­man­tle democ­ra­cy. Pak­istan is law­less. Pak­istan has 165 nuclear war­heads. They were wor­ried about Trump hav­ing the nuclear codes. 
  • Jef­frey Epstein threat­ened Bill Gates with sex­u­al black­mail. We want every sin­gle doc­u­ment on the mur­der of JFK, Epstien, 911, Seth Rich and his lap­top revealed. 
  • GA plans secu­ri­ty checks of vot­ing equip­ment before 24 elec­tions. You feel much bet­ter know­ing GA will plan secu­ri­ty checks. 
  • Daniel Pen­ny, charged in Jor­dan Neely death, breaks silence: I am not a white suprema­cist. This had noth­ing to do with race. I judge a per­son based on their char­ac­ter. Pen­ny said he would do it again. 
  • Brant Frost said that the GA speak­ers of the House Jon Burns gave 35K in the 2nd vice chair to unseat Brant. 9am we will get into the details with Ken Carroll. 

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