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What did you get for the 50th Vote?


Democ­rats won’t debate because they don’t want to talk about infla­tion, the bor­der, crime. Kel­ly made the deci­sion to debate Mas­ters in AZ. Warnock thinks he will spin Her­schel around because he is a smooth talker. 

They asked Katie Hobbs if she would cam­paign with Joe Biden, she denied. She will not debate Kari Lake. 

Fet­ter­man didn’t show up at a demo­c­rat debate. Fet­ter­man didn’t show up for work for a third of his LT gov schedule. 

The democ­rats don’t want to debate because they are in deep doo doo. Blake Mas­ters lays it out in his debate with Kelly. 

Not all seniors have made out as well as the next one. Many of our seniors are liv­ing off social secu­ri­ty and the infla­tion is hurt­ing them the most. Social Secu­ri­ty COLA update com­ing this week. They have no choice because we are in a reces­sion. It auto­mat­i­cal­ly kicks in a fac­tor that social secu­ri­ty goes up. It will not pay the dif­fer­ence. It will not go up 13%. But there isn’t any talk about how we are pay­ing for the increase. 

How many reports did you read that the repub­li­cans were pulling mon­ey from AZ because Mas­ters was so extreme. This is not true. 

Lis­ten to Mas­ters debate Kel­ly on crime, infla­tion, bor­der, etc. Vot­ers are by wide mar­gins alarmed by high crime rates. Kel­ly had the one vote for the 18K bor­der agents. When the democ­rats vot­ed on the bill for the 87K IRS agents repub­li­cans tried to amend the bill to at bor­der agents and it was reject­ed. Mas­ters called out Kel­ly on the vote to reject the bor­der agents. That works every­where, in PA, GA, WI. 

What did you get for your 50th vote? Infla­tion, Crime, Debt, Fen­tanyl, and on and on… Mas­ters asks. Blake Mas­ters has laid out October. 

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