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What was that last night? WOW Dr. Oz took the Win for Republicans


What was that last night? WOW. Fetterman’s peo­ple took a gam­ble. This goes well for Her­schel Walk­er, Blake Mas­ters, for any tight sen­ate race for repub­li­cans. Repub­li­cans won last night. BKP will answer some of the ques­tions that Fet­ter­man did not answer. Noth­ing qual­i­fies Fet­ter­man for the Sen­ate. The Fet­ter­man cam­paign took a polit­i­cal risk last night. Biden came to PA a cou­ple of days ago to shore up the demo­c­rat vote. Now Oba­ma is com­ing to PA. They have watched the polls drop and they took the risk and it was a dis­as­ter. Pun­dits were strug­gling on all the net­works, paus­ing to find the answers almost as bad as Fetterman. 

Lee Snover a mem­ber of the PA repub­li­can state com­mit­tee. She knows the feel and is inside the par­ty and on the ground. 

Fet­ter­man’s health is declin­ing. He is sick. Last night he was sup­posed to prove that he is well on his way to recov­ery and can serve in the sen­ate. When you have a stroke this severe. He had the stroke the week before the PA Demo­c­rat Pri­ma­ry. He can­not go and be a sen­a­tor. He needs to go home. If John Fet­ter­man would not have had a stroke he still would not have been able to answer the ques­tions last night. He jum­bled the words up on frack­ing. He jum­bled up and yelled Roe v Wade all night. He has released pris­on­ers from prison and he wants to legal­ize drugs. His extreme abor­tion stance and his soft on crime. Don’t let the stroke take away from the fact that he wants to legal­ize drugs and held a gun to the chest of an unarmed man, don’t for­get his extreme posi­tions were way before any stroke happened. 

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